If hair growth face increases after laser hair removal, how can that be fixed? – Dr. Aruna Prasad


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Hair removal increasing on the face after laser hair removal is done, probably about 7 to 8 sittings. Sometimes even 10 sittings are needed and you complete the full course and you still you still grow hair, that ends there is some underlying hormonal issue. So before you even start laser hair removal, always ask the dermatologist if you need to do some investigations. So please do not go to any beauty parlour and get the hair removal done. Go to a dermatologist, since they will know what are the causes for facial hair. They will investigate for the facial hair. There are so many hormonal imbalances like thyroid and polycystic ovarian disease, called PCOS and testosterone levels are high. So we need to investigate and if the investigations prove or normal, then only usually we take laser hair removal. If anything is abnormal , we first treat you for it and see that your hormones are settled down and then we do laser hair removal. So after the laser hair removal, if you develop hairs again, that means probably the hormones have again gone haywire. So we investigate all this and we find out.

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