How to do a Ombre Nail | Beginner Tutorial | Quick & Easy


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hey my bomb babies! sorry im late on this video, I had so much going on but im back!! and today im here to show you how to do a light blue ombre nail quick and easy!❤️💅🏽 make sure you comment, subscribe and give me a thumbs up! also turnt that notification bell on to get notified when I upload more videos🥰 I hope you all enjoy❤️ thank you!

Products Used:
-Matte Top Coat:

-100% Kolinsky Brush
-Mia Secret Clear
-Mia Secret Cover Beige
-iGel Beauty Freshwater
-80/80 grit nail file
-180 sanding band

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▶️Snapchat: Chiffon_babii

Camera Used:
📱iPhone 11 Pro Max

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22 replies
  1. Jaz 0
    Jaz 0 says:

    Hey I know it’s been a while since you posted this but I hope you see this.
    When applying the clear acrylic, is that basically a base coat? If so, can you just apply a base coat and not the clear acrylic ? Thanks!

  2. Myra Clifford
    Myra Clifford says:

    You layer the acrylic very well! And I've been wanting to know how to do this since forever like idk why you have this little amount of subscribers you just gained a new one☺🤗

  3. Story Time Nails
    Story Time Nails says:

    Nice job! Especially on that plastic fingers. They’re inexpensive and great to have for practice but when I was trying to fit a form or stick a tip, they would actually anger me, lol.

    Btw I’ve been using base coat gel for the last 3 years to stick my tips to them and it works great!!

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