Actress Alya Manasa's Laser Hair Removal Journey at Oliva


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What makes Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic Alya Manasa’s favourite? Watch this video to know!

Here’s what Alya Manasa has to say about her Oliva Journey:

“Ovvoru shoot or modelling assignment ku munnadi, I was tired of waxing appointments and razors.. Waxing, shave’laam panna, I used to get red bumps and rashes on my skin. I would have to wait for it to settle before shooting. @olivaclinics ‘la laser hair removal treatment start pannen, and I absolutely loved the results! If you are looking for a permanent solution for body hair, choose @olivaclinics. Unga relatives, friends sonnanga’nu, don’t apply different hair removal creams or google panni, unga skin oda experiment pannadheenga! Instead, @olivaclinics ‘la oru dermatologist meet panni, figure the best way out for all your skin and hair related problems.

For my skin and hair, naa trust panradhu Oliva. They have a wide range of treatments for acne, hair loss and hair removal. I absolutely love their approach.”

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  1. Renu Renu
    Renu Renu says:

    My sister laser hair removal treatment pannanga avingaluku no hormone imbalance and PCOD problems but ipo avingaluku hair light a iruku.avinga razor vachutha remove pannitu irukanga…what's that problem…what mistake that…plz reply.

  2. Renu Renu
    Renu Renu says:

    Laser hair removal treatment permanent solution solranga but…PCOD and PCOS problem irukatum ok … actress la adikadi laser hair removal treatment edukranga…ellam actress ku antha Problem iruka ..laser permanent sollitu en avinga 7 session finish panna piragum marupadi treatment continue panranga…apo laser hair removal permanent illaya..plz reply..

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