Skin care routine after laser hair removal – Dr. Nischal K


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This is very important that we do laser hair reduction for any body part. When it comes to any exposed part like the legs, the arms or the face. One aspect we need to consider hair whatever it is it forms a thin film on the skin. So many at times it acts as a UV protection thing. So when we are removing it, naturally the skin is more sensitive. So whether people do a laser hair reduction or not, as the UV protection thing we always have to use a sunscreen. When we remove the hairs form an exposed part, so naturally the UV exposure to the skin is more. So for that reason applying a sunscreen regularly is very essential. Laser is light, light is nothing but heat. Hat can always trigger acne. See that you don’t have any acne in the region where you are getting your laser done. So sometimes of pimples are there, we have to treat pimples first and then we have to go aead wth the laser session. Be it a laser for pigmentation or a laser reduction, heat can always trigger some ace. Some people don’t have acne but after laser hair reduction, sometimes small eruptions happen. In those cases we put people on Vitamin A based cream or a gel or sometimes an antibiotic gel to take care of that eruptions. Sometimes we start it prophylactically , or 5 or 7 days before we start this. So this is one aspect we need to consider. Third aspect is some amount of redness and swelling is common with laser hair reduction because when the hairs are thick and they are absorbing the laser energy, there is a lot of heata that is created on the follicle. So you can see small gooosebumps like swellings,, they are perfectly normal .sorties the swelling is too much or if extensive areas of the body are done like the chest, back, abdomen, and legs if it is done, in those situations we give you antiinflammatory tablets that you have to take for a day or two. Some creams that can reduce the inflammation are also applied daily 3 to 4 times. So when you do this there is no irritation caused by the laser. When you follow these aspects laser hair reduction is a very safe technology. Not only laser hair reduction any laser treatments absolutely safe.

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  1. Manu 2803
    Manu 2803 says:

    Hey doctor, sorry to bother you hope u will answer my query- after first session of laser on my chin I got more hair on the very next day and when I shaved there are pustules and bumps. How to deal with it ? Or is it normal??

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