Pros and cons of laser hair removal – Dr. Priya J Talageri


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Laser is a reliable sophisticated method which is a FDA approved method of permanent of hair reduction. In trained hands, side effects with the laser hair removal will be very minimal and if at all in sensitive skins we want to start, we can start with a test patch before we begin an actual session. Very rarely a little temporary redness and swelling can happen and very very rare that there can be a superficial blister and a scab formation. If at all it happens your doctor would prescribe an antibiotic cream and that will approximately heal in a week’s time. Infection is rare because skin is not broken during the treatment. A temporary scar or a change in skin colour can occur rarely, and if the skin is already tanned or naturally dark, then there are little higher risks of side effects, but they are actually temporary as well and if you have a history of cold sores or herpetic virus infection, do inform your doctor, because that will help in preventing the complications. The first step is to ultrasound gel to the target area. Doctor will apply the laser pulses to the affected parts and during that moment your skin may feel little hot and sensitive and also there can be little pricking sensations. Discomfort can be minimized by providing a stream of cool air which will minimize the discomfort as well as the side effects. As I already mentioned there can be little redness and swelling after few hours of the session, but that is very temporary. You can apply your makeup almost immediately after the sessions and the treated hair would fallout after 2 – 4 weeks. And you can also clip or shave that area but do not pluck or thread in between the laser sessions so that the sessions are more effective.

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