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Bright cherry acrylic nail design tutorial. Plus another Giveaway!

Don’t give up on learning! Trust the process ❤️

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36 replies
  1. Ashley Polanco
    Ashley Polanco says:

    i’ve had this question for so long and haven’t found the answer anywhere. do you encapsulate all your nails or only the nails with designs? or does it just depend on the set you’re doing?

  2. The Munguia’s
    The Munguia’s says:

    I have a question 🙋🏼‍♀️
    Soo I did my sisters nails today (beginner) so my acrylic application came out beautifully on one hand and the other came out nice too but it feels squishy? Like idk what I did wrong? The left had I did came out amazing nice strong nails 💅 HEEEEEELP 😩

  3. Nyeishia Pascal
    Nyeishia Pascal says:

    This just goes to show that what works for one might not work for you. Because when I went to nail school, they gave us Tammy Taylor everything (including a small flat and a medium flat brush). I hated both of them. Now I use a size #12 Kiara Sky brush, the new one with the unicorn horn handle. I've had brushes from Tammy Taylor, my local nail supply, NailSupplyGlamour, and Kiara Sky. Kiara Sky takes the win for me. I want to get the size #14 now. LoL.

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