Investigating TikTok SHOPPING SECRETS (and getting kicked out of Walmart?!)


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We put VIRAL TikTok shopping hacks to the test! Do they actually work? Then, join us as we try crazy corsets from Amazon! ►►
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We test in store shopping #tiktok #hacks!!

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35 replies
  1. Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin says:

    The best hack in life is Costco, sure you have to buy like you are buying for a family of 50 but they legit have everything there. Need a casket, diapers, a jug of wine, and a dope ass rotisserie chicken Costco has you covered. 😋

  2. Kayla Moon
    Kayla Moon says:

    I used to be a manager at Old Navy and we used to do markdowns (clearance) every Sunday & Monday. Sometimes we'd have so much go on clearance that we couldn't finish it and was left on the floor unmarked, so if you like an item, it doesn't hurt to bring it to the register to see how much it costs. The clearance section especially got neglected so typically the prices are much cheaper than what is marked. The best time to snag really cheap clearance (like $.99 cheap) is after Christmas (January) and end of Summer (around August). Another hack is if they don't have your size or the color you want, ask a person on the sales floor and they typically can order the size/color you want and ship it free to your house. I brought home so many things that were like under $2.00. I should disclosed that I quit right before the pandemic hit, so things may have changed since.

  3. Kelli Culbertson
    Kelli Culbertson says:

    I worked at Target and a Makeup store.
    For Target, he is talking about the clearance and that schedule probably only works at his local Targets. Every Target has different days certain departments have items go on clearance. Also, if an item goes on clearance if the price ends in a “$xx.x4” it’s the lowest price it’s going to be. If it doesn’t sell it will either go back to the warehouse, get donated, or get destroyed.
    Also, the expiration thing with makeup. They have expiration dates on most products. Then the little expiration symbol on it saying 3 months or 12 months is from the time you open it and expose it to air. Most products are still good for a year after the expiration date if not open.

  4. infinitegraces
    infinitegraces says:

    Target sales are typically weekly, not daily. So the deodorant sale and such started on a Sunday and were likely valid through the following Saturday, not just that one day y'all went.

  5. Anna Paula
    Anna Paula says:

    Okay so I went to check all my Zara pieces when I saw this and… it seems like a whack?
    Im usually a size S there and I have clothes that should “fit small” in a size S and I still had to adjust them to fit me… doesn’t make sense. Also not all Zara clothes has those simbols! I found some trf stuff with different tags, for example.

  6. Divinity
    Divinity says:

    So the zara symbols is circles and squares are womens and triangles are trfa which is more trendier pieces and basically junior so it does run slightly smaller and they tend to be cheaper than the square and circles (women). Hope this helps 🙂

  7. Alicia Caffery
    Alicia Caffery says:

    Sorry to tell you this but you can check the expiry of makeup without even knowing the manufacture date because on the box/container there is a little image of a jar being opened and next to it or in the image it will say something like 12m which means you have 12 months to use it from the time you open it

  8. Wendolina 78
    Wendolina 78 says:

    For Target those are the days we would mark down items that were already on clearance. We could only do Electronics on Monday’s we used to work ahead and do the days early but they company did not like we were marking them down too early .

  9. Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely says:

    It's wack with no h for this slang use of the word. Whack with an h is to like whack at something. 😊😉 Sinead, I too hate La Croix. It has almost no flavor. I mean besides the usual vile flavor. Makes me nauseous. There are some good sparkling waters. La Croix is not one of them. Seltzer water is the worst.

  10. Angela Hudspeth
    Angela Hudspeth says:

    This has been exceptionally helpful as I've just checked my cosmetics and almost everything is out of date and probably could cause infection. So, thank you for informing me and I will get some new cosmetics.

  11. Johanna Rodriguez
    Johanna Rodriguez says:

    Them doing the target hacks made me laugh so hard. They really thought they put new sales up each day of the week 😂😂😂
    Like everyone else commented, the hack is when clearance items go cheaper.

  12. Hanna Korden
    Hanna Korden says:

    The Zara hack DOES work. It's not just in the jeans, it's on most of the clothing items. I tried it several times and I will never buy anything with a triangle in my regular sizes ever again.

  13. Cheynne Aguilar
    Cheynne Aguilar says:

    As someone who worked at target they do tags on sundays, so the sale hack? Not that accurate. We put all the sale tags/signs up on the same night, so. Clothing is a lil different but yeah target hack not that accurate.

  14. Nina
    Nina says:

    i thought i was the only one hating zaras jean sizing! i wanted to get my mom jeans in different colors but even the biggest size wouldnt fit? it was just different colors how did they fuck up the fit 😂

  15. Christina Wentzel
    Christina Wentzel says:

    Target has a huge clearance on toys twice a year. It used to be July/August and then probably January/February. I don’t remember exactly because I no longer live in the states, but that’s when I would get birthday presents if my kids had a birthday party to go to.

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