Face Moisturizers for Very Dry, Black Skin : Makeup Tutorials


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Certain facial moisturizers are especially great at taking care of very dry skin. Learn about face moisturizers for very dry black skin with help from an experienced makeup professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Joi Offutt
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: The great thing about makeup is that, at any given time, there are a practically endless number of gorgeous makeup styles that you can experiment with based on your preferences and situation. Get tips on the best makeup for different scenarios with help from an experienced makeup professional in this free video series.

37 replies
  1. Sista Soler
    Sista Soler says:

    No wonder there were so many dislikes, we didn't know the name of the product. Also why, is the model wearing make-up while applying moisture and last the title was very misleading. No advice on what products to purchase for dry skin.

  2. Marie J
    Marie J says:

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  3. Lorraine A.
    Lorraine A. says:

    This is such a useless video! Who puts moisturizer over a full face of makeup. Also you did not even name the cream. Your title is just stupid. Please don't waste people's time. This is such a dumb " tutorial."

  4. Alena Turner
    Alena Turner says:

    This was the dumbest tutorial Ive seen. First of all Joi is a NAIL TECH(that's what the label says) So that would explain why this video is no help at all and why both of their make up is bad. There are so many things is this video that are awful for instance, why does the model look like she's pissed off? Maybe because Joi was scratching her face with that little tiny brush lol…. I cant…this was just a mess.

  5. thangaraj Nagalingam
    thangaraj Nagalingam says:

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