Laser से Hair Removal यानी अनचाहे बाल हटवाना चाहते हैं तो पहले Side Effects जान लें | Sehat ep 137


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Welcome to The Lallantop’s 137th episode of Sehat. Your daily health show. In today’s episode: 1. Find out how to get rid of unwanted body hair with laser hair reduction, how much does it costs, what are the side effects, and tips you should keep in mind. In the next segment, find out why your eyelashes are falling out? Is it normal? What can you do to stop it. Last but not the least, here’s one tip you should keep in mind while cooking in a non-stick pan. Watch the video for details.

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Edited By: Varun Sharma

43 replies
  1. Jyoti Patel
    Jyoti Patel says:

    Mem mujhey face ke hear remov krna he mem to ye btay ki jese fast bar lejar krayeg to phir nikltey he hear to phir se krne par phir utni hi kharcha ata he kya plz btay 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Arya thakur
    Arya thakur says:

    This is not true I have taken lazer doesn't work..only way to get rid of those hair is to work on pcos…it just stupid to go for these things

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