Does hair grow back after laser hair removal? – Dr. Nischal K


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After the laser treatment what happens is the energy is absorbed by the hair root and the hair bulb and there is destruction of the hair follicle. Destruction of hair follicle is more applicable to more growing stags of the hair. Hence whatever reduction of hair happens is not complete with each session. So the part of the hair that is the growing phase they tend to absorb energy they tend to damage more than the testing hair. And because of this after few weeks of laser session, we do see small hairs popping off and with subsequent sessions they tend to get targeted. For the same reason we ask people to do laser hair reduction services every 3 to 4 weeks once regularly for 8 to 10 sittings. So depending on the body metabolisms and internal factors then number of sessions may vary but the hair tends to grow slowly and then definitely over a period of time the number of hair and the growth with starts coming down.

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