4D Ursula and Crystal Ball Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial


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15 replies
  1. jennifer half
    jennifer half says:

    You should do characters from The Little Mermaid 2. Specifically Ursula's sister. I forgot her name but that would be so cool!! Like having them next to each other as a set would be really awesome!! Also Ursula and in her alter ego human form, Vanessa, that would be really fun too!!

  2. Magik Dust
    Magik Dust says:

    For the most part, this looks great. The only part I think looks a little off, is that you didn't add Ursulas boobs. In the movie she had really big boobs, so it looks a little funny that you completely left them out. The rest looks really great though. When I saw the little round pictures, I thought they were print outs, so I think it's impressive that you painted them. Great video 👍

  3. BriBry….”Br eye Br eye”
    BriBry….”Br eye Br eye” says:

    I would love for you to start doing some more Halloween nails now, so that way we can have time to practice or if we don’t have exactly everything we need we have time to get some stuff. ❤️ this nail is ABSOLUTELY stunning

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