How to get airbrushed skin without makeup ✨ Bali Body Instant Tan First Impressions / Review


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How to get airbrushed skin without makeup? ✨ Bali Body Instant Tan First Impressions / Review
Bali Body Instant Tan: (my shade is light to medium)

Hi beautiful souls, today I’m sharing my Bali Body’s newest Instant Tan First Impressions / Review, aka how to get airbrushed skin without makeup 🙂 This product is truly my newest obsession (if you hadn’t noticed already on instagram lol). It’s a filter in a bottle , a perfect mix between self tanner and airbrush makeup and it’s perfect for those last minute outings or to freshen up your fake tan when you don’t have the time to spray tan. Let me know if you try it and what your thoughts are! 💕
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    🌹QueeN Another Great Video🌹
    Super Pretty thumbnail tho
    😘Beyond Beautiful you are😘
    Those BreAthtaking eyes love Em
    Have a MarvelouS Day Too
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