My Glow Up Routine ❤️


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Welcome to my glow up routine ❤️

Products used

Superdrug Simply Pure Calming Cleanser

Etude House ETUDE Soon Jung 5.5 Foam Cleanser

Matcha green tea powder

Licorice powder

Isntree green tea toner

Cosrx galactomyces essence

Jumiso cica and aloe serum

Isntree green tea emulsion

Note blush (04)

Loreal lipstick

Faces mascara

Etude house highlighter
(Could not find the link😭)

☔️Toners recommendations:

☘️Moisturizer recommendations:

🌻Sunscreen haul:

🔥Sunscreen recommendations:

🙌🏻Body scrub recommendations:

💃Clothing haul:

🙋🏻‍♀️25 amazing Haircare recommendations:

☘️my favourite diy Skincare:

🇮🇳Indian skincare favourites:

🍋face mask recommendations:

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42 replies
  1. Saanjana Das
    Saanjana Das says:

    I used nipcare as my overnight lipbalm.. but after few days i noticed tiny bump like texture on some parts of my lips..i thought its nothing so i continued using it bt it started spreading.. i was still not sure wht was causing it.. as nipcare was the only new product i was trying on my lips i stopped using it .. & to my surprise within a few days all those bumpy texture vanished !!! I think it was not for me 😀

  2. abc
    abc says:

    Would love a dedicated review of the Isntree Green Tea Emulsion and Green tea toner!

    I've been looking around for them but couldn't find any videos in India sadly.

    Also, could you please do a video ranking all the calming /soothing products you've used so far, from the least calming to the most calming? (have rosacea prone skin, that'd be really helpful!)

    Love your product recommendations, you'd do a great job compiling them!
    Thank you!

  3. Vinitha Rajpurohit
    Vinitha Rajpurohit says:

    Hey samapti i really like your videos because you are truly yourself and I love that 💜
    I hope you're doing well🌼
    It would be very much helpful if you can recommend a good moisturizer I saw your videos but I'm confused between aveeno cetaphil and bioderma.
    I've dry and sensitive skin and I just want something which will help my dull skin something minimal.
    I've decided to buy cleanseme after seeing your videos.

  4. sampurna priti
    sampurna priti says:

    Hey samapti, ur contents are just rock. I wanted to ask u it has been few months even I use oil and gentle sampoo bt my scalp feel so dry 😭and I am afraid to use any hairmask on my scalp. Pls pls suggest something. Lots of love from Odisha ❤️

  5. Moitreyee
    Moitreyee says:

    Omg why do you look so cute like a teddy, I feel like pressing your cheeks but I won't since touching the skin is not okay. Wish I had an elder sis like you 🙈❤

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