3 steps Morning skin care routine for Clear Glowing Skin in Telugu|CTM skin care products in telugu


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3 steps Morning skin care routine for Clear Glowing Skin in Telugu|CTM skin care products in telugu

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0:17 intro
1:29 how to select perfect skin care products
1:49 open pores care in Telugu
1:59 Mamaearth uptan serum
2:13 Derma Co 10% Vitamin C face serum
2:33 how to use face serum in Telugu
3:57 MamaEarth Vitamin C face milk
4:33 moisturizer benefits in Telugu
5:38 sunscreen benefits in Telugu
6:00 application of nutri gena sunscreen
8:30 outro

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20 replies
  1. Janu Yarra
    Janu Yarra says:

    Hi Akka nenu ippatidhaka alanti skin care products vadaledu a products use cheddam anukuni try chestunna black aaypotundhi na face. Ippudhu na face chala damage aaypotundhi like piples,acnes,darkcircles… Which products are best for me plss help me to get flawless skin likeee youuuu..pls rly to my comment…tqqq

  2. Srilatha P
    Srilatha P says:

    Akka nenu Neem face whas use chesuthenanu Daber rose whater and pathajale alover jel use chesuthenanu nest badam oil good vibes lo thesukoni use chesuthrnanau day and night 4 day nudi kani pimples ekuvaga vasuthenanu asaluki thagadam ledu

  3. Lalitha Prasad
    Lalitha Prasad says:

    Assalu serum anduku use chayyali dani valla use anti ede a timelo use chayyali assalu
    Ippudu bathing ayyaka nenu chinnappati nunche fair lovely use chastunnanu padda use lakapoyena alavatayepoyende ippudu mamaearth moisturizer tesukunnanu moisturizer rasukuni fair lovely rasukune powder rsukovacha lada rendu okasari use chayyakudada plzzz reply

  4. Haripriya Hari
    Haripriya Hari says:

    Hiii akka naku oka chinna doubt. Nenu bra size measure cheste 25 Brest size cup size 26 vachindi. Ante 25 A bra size kada? And naku correct size adi thisukovalo cheppandi plsss akkaa

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