MAX'S NHL DEBUT VLOG | Philadelphia Flyer's Season Opener !!!


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20 replies
  1. Joseph Casey
    Joseph Casey says:

    Hoping you can pass the message on that max has a number 2 favorite fan. Max is awesome and he will be up with the team for a long time if he plays the way he has.

  2. Olivia Mattson
    Olivia Mattson says:

    As a girl who grew up playing hockey religiously this is the most heart touching thing to watch Max's life dream be fulfilled. It makes me child hood heart so happy

  3. jordan ormsby
    jordan ormsby says:

    ladybugs ARE a sign from heaven. they pop up in my life before big races, when I'm in the homestretch of a hard time or am about to do something big. so amazing that someone else has a similar thought

  4. Lindsey Pope
    Lindsey Pope says:

    It’s been so amazing to watch your videos for the last 6 years and watch you and max grow!! So happy for him and hoping i can get to a game this season!! 🙂

  5. Liz Graham
    Liz Graham says:

    Want to cry watching this. Between loving the sport of hockey and feeling like Ive watched him come up. So proud and happy for him. No one deserves it more. UGH CANT WAIT TO BUY A SHIRT also dont even listen to anyone being rude. Anytime people are geuinely happy, it always attracts haters. You are both very independent and he just happens to play hockey professionally. Congrats Max!!!!! Feel like all of us viewers are your friends like your friends said Max is their bf. Got so excited and was freaking out when I saw the news. Even read an article about him in the Philadelphia Inquirer 🥺 YOU TWO ARE AWESOME

  6. carlie baine
    carlie baine says:

    Omg go Max!! And to think you were curving him and not really interested when he was trying to slide in your DMS before you guys dated! You really got lucky with him, now he’s in the NHL!!!!

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