Skincare & Girl Talk: Marriage, Losing Friends, Finding Peace


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25 replies
  1. Your Access To The Red Carpet!
    Your Access To The Red Carpet! says:

    Read Corinthians today and made me feel alive. Prayers is everything! Especially, I’ve learned about being single and a Christian and that we can still be blessed single Christians. Here’s a favorite scripture of the day: He exposes the hype of the hipsters. The Master sees through the smoke screen of the know-it-alls.
    ~1 Corinthians 18:23

  2. Lynz
    Lynz says:

    I’m so proud of you Amanda! You give me strength and remind me what’s important and what to focus on. I’m so thankful for your voice❤️

  3. Autumn cheyenne fall
    Autumn cheyenne fall says:

    Hi my name is autumn taylor I just started to watch your youtube channel a few months ago you are so radiant on your videos your youtube channel is very lovely to see and i really love your good personally on your channel.

  4. Dutch Girl
    Dutch Girl says:

    When one says they pray but everything seems to not go their way, well there are only so many angels fighting battles elsewhere that sometimes they are late getting to you. They hear you. Remain steadfast in faith. Be patient. Are you continuous living in sin? If so, change. Then see what happens. This is what I've been told. Makes sense.

  5. Hema Patel
    Hema Patel says:

    Do you believe in living together if your in a relationship but Christian? What are ur thoughts? You look so beautiful and flawless. Do a skincare video and updated one please

  6. Elvi Padilla
    Elvi Padilla says:

    This is my favorite video you have made!! I can feel you positive energy! Trust me I have been following you since the beginning🥰 I love how spiritual you are🙌

  7. _fatumaaa
    _fatumaaa says:

    Amanda you’re a such a breath of fresh air and I love your spirit ❤️ Things have been hard for me lately. I lost my job and spot in three classes at my uni because of the mandates so right now videos like yours are helping. God bless you always ❤️❤️

  8. Clarissa Doll
    Clarissa Doll says:

    Ah. So good. You’ve grown so much and girl, you can preach! I love when you were talking about rest. Our pastor was just talking about how rest is actually a weapon against the enemy. 🤍

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