Trixie Learns "How to Wear Makeup in A God Honoring Way"


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Reacting to the 2018’s viral “How To Wear Makeup In A God Honoring Way”

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50 replies
  1. Sparklenuke
    Sparklenuke says:

    As a Christian, it's always irritating when I see other "Christians" behaving in everyway against the bible. It's truly frustrating. I COMPLETELY understand why a lot of people hate religion and the church!

  2. MissRon
    MissRon says:

    I identify as pago-christian and OMG I am laughing my butt off. I actually have PTSD due to several incidences in my life and alas my ex-church is one of them. These girls are reminding me of some people I used to know and those memories are NOT fond.

  3. Me Me Me Me
    Me Me Me Me says:

    I just love how Trixie has encyclopedic knowledge of makeup. Like, the girls defined name a product and Trixie just spits out facts and trivia about it. I know editing is a things but if doesn’t look like Trixe looked up info while reacting to the video.

    She’s an icon. She’s a legend. And she is the moment.

  4. Zaya Tamburelli
    Zaya Tamburelli says:

    Also not having premartial sex is the worst idea ever. You're gonna really dedicate your life to someone and you don't even know if you're compatible? I've heard many horror stories of straight, Christian couples getting married only to discover soon afterwards that they aren't in any way attracted to each other but they don't get divorced because some ancient fairytale also says that's bad? Imagine being a Christian in 2021 lmao.

  5. Zaya Tamburelli
    Zaya Tamburelli says:

    It's 2021 and we still live in a world where people really restricting their own lives (and attempting to restrict other's) because of some ancient book where a virgin has a baby, snakes talk and water turns to wine.

  6. Natalie B
    Natalie B says:

    Trixie, I swear I just adore you! You’re the kind of person I would have a great time with having a drink.. or not 🙋🏼‍♀️ next time you’re in Scotland I will be there ❤️

  7. Pablo Hernandez-Alarcon
    Pablo Hernandez-Alarcon says:

    I'm gay, not religious, and sometimes I see some young women dressed as dark alley prostitutes… at 8 am in the bus. I agree that women must and should do whatever they want, but if they dress like that, it's quite likely they'll be treated as such.

  8. John Rae Guimbungan
    John Rae Guimbungan says:

    I remember doing the makeup of my high school History teacher, and I was like 18 [naive] that time, I was already in college , came home to do her makeup on her big day. So I applied this really red lipstick and suddenly I heard murmurs. It turns out, one of her older brothers didn't like the red lipstick [too whorey] I put and asked me to erase it and put something subtle. This was 13 years ago when pink lipstick shades wasn't still a thing!

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