Asian Makeup Tutorials Compilation 2020 – 美しいメイクアップ / part180


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Asian Makeup Tutorials Compilation 2020 – 美しいメイクアップ / part180
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47 replies
  1. Pearly
    Pearly says:

    For your information, most Asian woman want to look Caucasian through makeup, bcos of growing up to see only White Caucasian women makeups & fashion mostly in their own Chinese media. So ofcourse the Asian men & women, whole society from young are taught that born with double eyelids, fair skin, sharp nose, high cheekbones, blonde-brunette hair and all are the epitome of beauty.

  2. なつみ 山内
    なつみ 山内 says:


  3. Lynn Wright
    Lynn Wright says:

    In Asia,the darker your skin, it is believed the poorer you are. You must work in the fields. Tan skin isn't favored. It is sad, some of them have beautiful skin tones.

  4. Slendy
    Slendy says:

    None of them need makeup to be beautiful because all of them are beautiful. I keep seeing in the comments that "the first girl doesn't need makeup" like really? That's really low.

  5. xxaznbloodflipxx
    xxaznbloodflipxx says:

    Someone needs to get thr caption right….thesè types of vids are not cosplay. They are merely Asian women putting on makeup. Cosplay involves a whole body transformation and it is usually of a fictional character.

  6. paula Villanueva
    paula Villanueva says:

    Algunas imagino,conocen un chico,hay ondaaa….pasan una noche juntos con maquillaje, al despertar, pobre chico el susto de su vida, son otra persona y mas adultas,digamos.

  7. Lauren Welsh
    Lauren Welsh says:

    I’m a fair-skinned, blue-eyed blonde and always wished I had a little more color in my skin, but when I use darker makeup (for medium skin tone), I just look ridiculous. I would love to have these girls’ natural skin tone. Very pretty

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