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Hey everyone! In this video I’ll be showing you how I created this trendy blue gel nail art design! I am doing this design over my long coffin Gelly tips that I’ve cut a little bit shorter. I applied a nude gel base, and then I’ll be using the gel art liner collection from @Double Dip Nails ! I hope you enjoy the video 💙

#trendynails #gelart #bluenails

•Products I used•
Gelly tips kit –
Black gel polish (Black Addict) –
Nude gel base (Sea, swing and sun) –
Gel nail art liners (blue and white) –
Or purchase them here with a UV/LED lamp –
Premium Gelly liquid set (no wipe top) –
Cuticle oil –

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Phone mount –

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(Night at the castle – Zyeq)


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  1. CaroleZNailz
    CaroleZNailz says:

    Oh I just got a gel set exactly like this from Amazon. You’ve given me total Inspo. Thanks so much and I love this set 🥰 edited to add I really appreciate all your thorough explanations of how to do these designs

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