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Laser Skin Treatment in Navi Mumbai. All you need to know

Laser machines have revolutionized the type of results that can be achieved in skin treatments for the past two decades or so. The industry has been upgrading as a result of the increased adoption of these machines, and we see technologies constantly growing and evolving. While some of the improvements are minor, they have added up over time to make results more precise and predictable.

When looking for a laser skin treatment, it’s difficult to be specific because there are many different types of lasers that can be used for different types of skin treatments. We’ve covered the most common applications in this video and article.

The term “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” became known as “laser.” Although the first practical example of a laser was built in 1960, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since then. Coherent light is produced by lasers, and it is focused on a small target area.

The light in most modern treatments is also within a narrow band of wavelengths to target the desired action and results.

Indications for laser skin treatments include:

Permanent hair reduction
Acne scar reduction
Reduction of other scars and stretch marks
Laser resurfacing of the skin
Pigmentation treatment
Tightening of pores and facial rejuvenation
Some lasers also help in reducing the appearance of vascularity

Cost in Navi Mumbai:
As previously stated, visible results from laser hair removal require multiple sessions. If people only want to improve in the short term, they can still attend a single session.

Prices range from $1500 for a single session on a small body area such as the upper lip to $7000 for a full package of seven sessions on the entire body.

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