Wonderful Lips Makeup Tutorials Like Korean Girls | Beautiful Eye Makeup | Beauty Tricks


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Wonderful Lips Makeup Tutorials Like Korean Girls | Beautiful Eye Makeup | Beauty Tricks
In this compilation, we will show you the most wonderful Tips And Tricks For Beautiful Lips! How to apply lipstick like A Pro!
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Korean Lipstick Tutorials | Korean Gradient Lips ♥ How To Gradient Lips-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAJ2cq840jo&list=PLY82BIFd_Xy92xMzKf7Ps_0QvWfdKvguM&index=2
LIP MAKEUP FOR GIRLS | Beauty Trends and Tricks-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY82BIFd_Xy92xMzKf7Ps_0QvWfdKvguM
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31 replies
  1. Anju Patyal
    Anju Patyal says:

    Even I don't put cream on my face and body its really irritating and uncomfortable 😩 and about kajal , maskara, eyeliner and foundation then I keep rubbing my face 😑😑😑 like a dumb …… I cant handle makeup or something applied on my body

  2. Adrita Zaman
    Adrita Zaman says:

    Which is the hardest part for you to do in makeup?😁😁😁

    For me : Eyeliner 😁😁😁😁……. Every time I do my eyeliner one is thicker and one is thinner 😁😁😁😁

  3. sia
    sia says:

    Everyone, this is not a Korean makeup. It's a Chinese makeup. Please know and upload it. Koreans don't wear weird makeup like that video.

  4. sia
    sia says:

    저기요 이거 한국 메이크업 아니거든요 첫영상 옆에 보면 작게 중국어로 적혀 있는거 안 보이세요? 좀 알고 올리세요 중국 사람 메이크업인데 왜 한국 메이크업이라고 제목을 그렇게 해놔요 누가보면 진짜 한국 메이크업 인 줄 알겠네

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