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Three step simple Skincare routine with Bioderma 🌻
This video is sponsored by Bioderma and the GIVEAWAY is on now!

0:00 three step skincare routine
0:38 first step
1:30 second step
3:21 third step
4:07 giveaway details

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46 replies
  1. Mharoni Tungoe
    Mharoni Tungoe says:

    Two things I like about my skin
    1. MY SKIN, MY CONFIDENT ~ Not a beautiful skin yet I like my skin with those skin issues because it really helps me to learn to built a confident to walk out to show the world that not everyone has good skin texture and not to be discouraged. There's a saying "Women believes that our first impression is on our face" so it's never been easy to have confident.
    2. MY SKIN, MY OTHER HALF ~ To me I never knew that our skin should have to be taken care like my other half. Until then I don't even consider about skin routine, but later on when my skin is showing me that they need care then I realize that my skin need to be taken care, nourishment, protection and love the most.

    **writing this two points is not to win the giveaway but I wanted to let each Women know that every skin type be it have skin issues or glass skin type we all are beautiful and kindly take care more and never disappoint because of your skin texture.

    Thank you everyone for giving the chances to share my experience.

  2. Sanju S
    Sanju S says:

    I love how my skin shows me the condition of my body whether its dehydrated or what my body needs
    And i love it heals by itself…

  3. Juhi !!
    Juhi !! says:

    Back story- My skin tone is brown. Since I was a child and all my peers said to me if I had fair skin tone I would be pretty or they would give me suggestions saying that apply these ingredients and you'll have fair skin and you'll look beautiful. Due to this constant comments I created hate for my skin since it didn't match their fake beauty expectations.
    But in my 11th class I was studying a chapter in which there was fact that skin is the largest organ of the body and main barrier which protects us from various microorganisms. That's when I understood the main function of my skin is to protect me from diseases, whether it's fair skin brown aur dark, it just doesn't matter. That's when it struck to me that how wrong I was about my skin. It's protecting me and instead of being thankful for it I was criticizing it for not being fair.
    But now I love my skin-
    1) even though it doesn't match others "fake beauty levels" . For me it's the best organ.
    2) I clean my skin take care of it and nourish it , because it makes me feel good, and it's kind of a thank you for my skin, for doing its job so well.
    3) I love my skin even though it has scars cause its not a flaw for me but something that shows my journey in life.
    4) I try to eat good , so that my skin stays healthy as always.

  4. Food Wins Heart
    Food Wins Heart says:

    OMG this is my first giveaway participation… I'm super excited

    Yes…I love my skin because
    1. It reflects to the necessary products required for it.
    2.It reflects to unnecessary stuffs as well..and always teach "less is more"
    3. It teaches everyone's skin is different. So what wonderfully works for others may not work for me.

  5. Sathya Chandrasekhar
    Sathya Chandrasekhar says:

    1)l love my skin because it manages to look good although l have stress due to exams
    Hey sampati,l have the same skin type of yours,and l always follow your recommendations…
    I even bought the cosrx 96 snail essence after your opinion trust me it's too good.
    I'm planning to get a good moisturizer so thinking of buying bioderma atoderm creme

  6. Dharsini L
    Dharsini L says:



  7. kousumi brahma
    kousumi brahma says:

    2 things I loves about my skin is-

    1.It reminds me of my didun: my mom and grandmother share very similar sensetive yet glowy skin, it runs in the genes and I got it too- my didu died one year after I was born and all I remember about her was a coconuty smell and soft skin- my skin is exactly like her and it reminds me of how beautiful and resilient didun was. It makes me long for her more..:) May I grow into a beautiful person like her.
    2. It's glowy: my skin is supper sensitive with barrier damage, nothing but bioderma suits me- but damn that bitch is glowy…!

  8. Manasi
    Manasi says:

    Two things I love about my skin are:
    1) Our skin is the mirror of our consistency, because it reacts according to our skincare and environment. If we are stressed it looks dull, If we are happy there is a glow🌟 on it.
    2) It is the largest sense organ of my body and ensures that I am able to perceive all environmental changes, both pleasurable ones and not so good ones too.
    #skincare #samaptibanerjee

  9. priya
    priya says:

    Things that I love about my skin…
    1)it feels nourished after applying moisturizer
    2)it almost reacts to everything (seems like I don't like anything about my skin di)
    Love ur videos
    Keep rocking
    Support u forever

  10. Meenakshi Prakash
    Meenakshi Prakash says:

    Though I have lately started my skincare …there are a few things that I love abt my skin
    1. Since past a year …due to wearing masks I have had a lot of skin irritation and acne ..but regardless of everything I had so much confidence in myself that I'll be better and be back with that beautiful skin .. I have been very confident about my skin now and then and skincare influencers like you give us so much of positivity.
    2. And I had made the same mistake as u did 😂 ..using Aroma magic products and I had ruined my skin …but I love it now. has repaired itself a lot and day by day it's getting more fresh and beautiful .
    3. Am a combination skin type …and I love that fact …it's sometimes glossy … sometimes normal …but that's how I it ❤️

    Even for giveaways you have the best brands ❤️❤️

  11. Akansha Singh
    Akansha Singh says:

    I am your older subscribers. This product is very good and it will be perfect for my skin. I really need it from namy days this kind of product. You are doing great keep it up.

  12. Vixy_69
    Vixy_69 says:

    Yess 🌻
    Participating in the giveaway🎁✨
    1.My fav thing about my skin is my skin never breaks out when I eat a lot of unhealthy food, I have seen lot of my friends complaining about their skin being oily or them having pimples after eating too much spicy or unhealthy food but i never faced that kind of a problem so I'm thankful for my skin that i have freedom to eat anything I want…
    I don't use any skincare and I want to try something new for my skin….. So I hope I win this giveaway 💖😊

  13. SD
    SD says:

    1)I like that my skin's colour is like that of honey.
    2)My skin has taught me that being myself and embracing my flaws is the best thing that I can do for myself.❤️

  14. Lily Agnes
    Lily Agnes says:

    Two things I love about my skin are:
    1. I love my skin colour it's weatish to dusky. Before I used to use whitening products but nw after watching ur videos I only focus on skin barrier and it's health.
    2. I have pimples because of PCOD but my skin and I both are confident to go bare face not putting makeup and not feeling ugly..

    Love u di 💕 hope I win dis giveaway 🤞 #samapti_banerjee_giveaway..

  15. Ellie Gomes
    Ellie Gomes says:

    Yes! ❤️
    Participating in the giveaway. Done with all the rules Sam 🌻☺️
    Things that I love about my skin :
    1) About a year back, I did not have much knowledge about skincare and which ingredients are good for our skin or not. I used to use alot of products that would cost less, but in reality were really harsh on my skin. And they damaged my skin so much. However inspite of all my mistakes, my skin healed and protected me. And these days I'm trying to be really kind to it ☺️
    2) My skin goes through so much! Literally. Especially with all the pollution and sun damage and stress and everything. Yet it continues to protect me. There was a time when my breakouts made me feel so insecure.. But with patience and consistency and using better products and being kind to my skin, it's much better now and I love my skin for what it is now 🙂 I understand perfect or flawless skin does not exist, and my focus is towards healthy skin. And I'm happy with my skin and everything it does to protect me. Taking care of my skin gives me happiness! ☺️

    Oh and your looking so beautiful in the video love! ❤️🤗


    Two things I like about my skin are :
    1. When taken care of myself it shows on my skin! Uk, when its properly moisturized and shows!
    2. No matter how bad my acne is, my skin heals pretty quickly for which I'm grateful for ❤

  17. pea- chy :3
    pea- chy :3 says:

    1) I love my skin because it helps me boost confident in my self and taking care of it makes me feel more close to myself and basically skincare is another form of self love to me. 🥰

    2) my skin is always glowing even after i wash my face, it's so nice that i dont even need to put on makeup because i already have amazing skin i feel so great about it. 🥺✨

  18. Rajsree ghosh
    Rajsree ghosh says:

    Well how can I not love my skin, afterall I experiment a lot with different products on my skin and my skin most of the times behaves pretty well. I love my skin for that. During exams I spent sleepless nights still my skin loves me back so what I have got from my skin is unconditional love and in return I love my skin unconditionally.
    My skin gives me the confidence to interact with the world, what more can anyone need and thus I love my skin. ❤️😋😍
    @samapti banerjee I love you too. ❤️❤️

  19. priyanka behera
    priyanka behera says:

    Hi dear, I would love to vouch that you’re doing great with your skin and the way you explain the procedure to use each and every product for all types skin is amazing. Its been 2months i have subscribed to your channel and i loved to watch your videos every time you upload a video. From your videos i have gained knowledge about knowing abt the use of variant products and have shared with so many to my loved ones facing with lots of issues and they have found good results. ❤️
    I love my skin by hydrating it with good moisture which has finally accepted by dry, oily and sensitive skin.
    Secondly, its a blessing to watch your videos and follow the process how my skin looks brighter, plumper and healthier day by day. I’m loving it Samapti ❤️

  20. Boo
    Boo says:

    I love my skin for so many reasons like its imperfections, its ability to heal and renew on its own,etc but above all that I love my skin because its a mirror image of my emotions and emotional being.. my inner self. Whenever I am happy my skin glows and the slightest stress or hurt that I go through my skin reacts accordingly and thats the thing I love the most about my skin. My skin celebrates and grieves with me like a dear friend always:)

  21. Kanupriya Kalia
    Kanupriya Kalia says:

    1.) I love the golden tan my skin is blessed with. I used to be so insecure about my skin color as a teenager. I was bullied and called names by kids at school which made me try complexion correcting creams. Now, I no longer try to alter the color of my skin. I try to keep it nourished and healthy. Sometimes it’s more golden, sometimes it’s fairer when I don’t see the sun that often, but I love it any which way.
    2.) I love what my skin has survived over the years. All the unacceptance that I showed it, and yet it went on to become one of my biggest flexes. It’s not in its best condition right now as i am fighting with a lot of acne and PIH, but I believe it will soon be better. 💕💕

  22. Serisha Reddy
    Serisha Reddy says:

    Yes !!
    1). I love the noticeable glow my skin displays that after using products that suite my skin type. This gives me peace of mind that my money was well spent and i can refer the product to others.

    2). As our skin is forever changing. I love the process of constantly trying out new products designed at enhancing our true beauty!💫

  23. SD
    SD says:

    1.I am grateful for my skin because it shows me how healthy I am. Even though I have dusky skin tone whenever I look at mirror i feel like it is shining and telling me you rock .
    2. My skin is my identity it tells my life story, all those scars that I got playing in school reminds me of old good days. All my stretch marks tells me how I have grown. I am comfortable in my skin.

  24. Akanksha Jha
    Akanksha Jha says:

    Yes. Bioderma products have saved my skin. My skin benefitted so much from this brand because it pairs well with a retinoid. I love my skin's ability to heal now. Also it glows so beautifully. 🥰🥰

  25. Bhoomi I
    Bhoomi I says:

    I love my skin because
    1. Mine is dusky in complexion and combination type, glowing every time and never make me dull by drying up.. makes me beautiful every time.
    2. Never disappoints me whenever I try a new skin care regime.. touchwood I didn’t face any skin reaction.

  26. R@iz
    R@iz says:

    2 Things I love about my skin:
    1 – Resilience. Innumerable times my skin had to suffer due to my never ending love of trying out new products/formulations, and my skin was resilient enough to hold off and bounce back from such bad patches/break outs. Hence, I am immense grateful to my resilient skin.
    2 – It is reflective of our personality. Not going much into philosophy but our skin represents us – the scars/bruises/marks everything that our skin had suffered and taken the physical damage on itself. I am forever indebted to the skin that I am in, which sounds filmy but is the truth. ❤️❤️

  27. Broken Nose
    Broken Nose says:

    1) I love the fact that my skin can handle coconut oil alone as a moisturizer and I don't breakout from it unlike so many others.

    2) My skin can get red sometimes but I see it as a natural blush.

  28. Manacy Maria
    Manacy Maria says:

    1. I love my skin as it is. When I was a teenager I got pimples due to hormonal changes. My family started asking what happened to your beautiful face go for treatment and all. And I don't have a skincare routine I used body soap on my face regular. No change at all after cont. Using Ayurveda products. And I changed my regular mistake like using body soap on my face, used a clean towel and I started seeing changes in pimples but I got pores finally I start to follow good YouTubers but I didn't realise the truth pH balanced product will irritate your skin and I started following up the YouTubers that show the product actual pH and I followed them and I started realising my skin my beauty without any makeup without comparing anyone else I started loving unconditionally using good skin balancing products.
    2. I do loving my natural skin with and without imperfection. I care about my skin in a good way by nourishing and I started feeling good without any coverage or filter it's my skin I do have imperfections but I love my skin and I do ever

  29. no one for now
    no one for now says:

    So first of all I am really greatful to my skin for the protection it provides. I mean that's what it is basically for, our skin takes all the rough and protects our sensitive organs so more love n power to it❤️.let's be paitent and kind towards it.
    What I really like about my skin is that it's quite clear and despite of my healthy issues suffering from allergies etc. Though it's sensitive and can get bit dry and icthy at times it has never majorly broken out and I hardly ever get breakouts so I think my skin really bears well and stays calm n clear despite of difficult surroundings.
    Secondly it's quite soft and pretty✨
    So here's all the love and acknowledgement to my delicate sensitive but yet strong and clear skin.
    ( N btw Thanks for the genuine content that I think has really helped me in taking care of my skin and being able to actually like it. 🙂 "") excited for the giveaway n was a bit confused if we are supposed to comment here or in general comment section so did both 😁🤞

  30. Vaishnavi Yeshirao
    Vaishnavi Yeshirao says:

    1) i absolutely love my skin because though i have consistent acne issue and hence mistreat it , it always bears with me and bumps back stronger and better
    2) it understands exactly what i am going through and mimics it , making me aware that I'll be fine in some days like a best friend

  31. Riya Deb
    Riya Deb says:

    YES! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway Samapti, I started using Bioderma products from your recommendations and my skin barrier has improved a lot.
    Things I love about my skin are –
    1. My skin has seen it in worse stages since the past 7-8 years. I have abused it using too many harsh products in the past but it endured all of it and is still going strong! My skin gives me the time for self pampering which encounters for the best time of my day.
    My skin was the first step to the journey of self love. I enjoy every bit of taking care of it and it is rewarding to mu soul.
    2. I have fallen in love with my oily skin as people tell me it looks so shiny and I have been asked what highlighter I use 😂, with the right products, my oily skin has started to exude a healthy glow instead of greasiness and I love it.
    3. I believe it is very important to share a relationship with your skin, when you take care of it, it takes care of your self esteem and gives a glow to your personality. Battling acne since so long has taught me to be gentle with it and appreciate my skin and flaunt it just the way it is and I have never been happier ❤️
    On a personal note, sheer thanks to you Samapti, I have started getting positivity from my skincare and bodycare and I love it ❤️💜

  32. Roshitha kolapalli
    Roshitha kolapalli says:

    I love my skin because first thing is I am blessed with good skin because of genetics and I make sure to maintain it by following a good skincare routine
    Second I apply sunscreen religiously which make my skin much better.
    Hope I win bioderma hamper

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