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This video is about THICK DRY TOENAIL FUNGUS TRANSFORMATION – PART 2. In today’s video, there is a lot going on! Not only am I going to reduce the thickness of her thick, misshapen, and impacted big toenail and then shape her big thick, misshapen, and impacted toenail, i’m going to file a lot of excess skin from the surface of the nail and the bottom of the feet and explain the importance of removing excess skin. How did these toes come about to their form? Was it toenail fungus? I will tell you in the video! This pedicure tutorial is great for beginners, if you are DIY it at home. Learn proper foot care in your own home. The transformation is going to be incredible! Bonus: I get to remove a thorn from her foot too! The amount of work was more than usual so I split her session into two videos, so stay tuned!

📌Shortened Video:
📌Right Foot:

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46 replies
  1. Paula TK
    Paula TK says:

    Bless your heart for the kindness you show to all your clients! Some clients that you have shared with us via uTube are so sever what is used to treat the fungus or do you refer to a dermatologist for medication?

  2. Joelle Hurd
    Joelle Hurd says:

    Now I said, she gonna need a bigger electric file for that BIG toe. Cause its not going down without a fight.
    Ouch, you got me again, something just went up my nose🤣

  3. Kate Olivia Ireland
    Kate Olivia Ireland says:

    I have learned so much from your videos. I wish I would have had this knowledge when my Dad was alive. As a WW2 Marine Veteran he fought in the South Pacific. He came down with what they called Jungle Rot in both feet. For the rest of his life he suffered. I took him to everyone in our area. Most just said "Good Luck with that and did nothing." I know you would have helped him Be Blessed..

  4. Carin Jansen van Vuuren
    Carin Jansen van Vuuren says:

    I'm just thinking, I will just clip the entire toe nail off, that's how I felt at the beginning of the vid!😂 It's hectic! I'm also struggling with a fungus for a few years now but it's nowhere this severe! And only on my big toe nails. Well done

  5. Stephanie Peck
    Stephanie Peck says:

    Tried a few times to order some tools from your website but it kept locking up my paypal. Made me change my password then still wouldn't go through. Another other way to purchase?

  6. Kimberly H
    Kimberly H says:

    I wonder the true feelings of the customer I have a big foot in real life and when the toenails are too long, everything is uncomfortable how do they tolerate the pain? Bless her Hands she's an on earth Angel

  7. AWLM8228
    AWLM8228 says:

    I'm curious about the shaving's, won't contact with the shavings somehow affect your hands, if it gets in crevices. Just worried about your nails… Should I be caring for customers without gloves?

  8. SholpanKA
    SholpanKA says:

    Без перчаток без маски, голыми руками… элементарное несоблюдение гигиены и безопасности. Приятного аппетита вам можете собрать ногтевую пыль клиентов и добавить в еду🔥

  9. Ladonna Harrell
    Ladonna Harrell says:

    I took care of my Mother's feet / toes for years! Lately I have been trying to heal my own big toe nails. They have been damaged. Fallen off. New nail. And I think fungus. And I have finally got growth and they attached back to the nail bed. I think they look the best they have in years. But I have never had a pedicure because of embarrassment 😳.
    But I used to do my husband's pedicures. Now he's my ex husband and he hot me up recently for a pedicure. And I gave another to someone else. By all means….I'm not a professional. But I think I need a set of your tools! Lol
    I've learned so much by watching your videos.

  10. eneida dones
    eneida dones says:

    You mentioned that your curses are available on 10 languajes , but what about spanish? i live in miami and must of people likw me will be bilingual but some others not. i think i’ll be great to hear this amazing content in spanish too .🥰 love your videos !!!

  11. Phil  Batchelor
    Phil Batchelor says:

    Hi this is the first time I've watched you and other than your compassion, professionalism how do you keep your towels so snowy white. My mum came from a culture of the whitest you could get your towels the

  12. Lucy D.
    Lucy D. says:

    This might be a silly question but would the ceramic cone feel better on a dogs nails? I’m a dog groomer and I’m all for making the dog more comfortable when grinding the nails shorter 🙂

  13. Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis says:

    Let's be real though, unless they're incapable of taking care of themselves or they're above a certain age there's no excuse for having your foot this way that's just bad, i will never get how people will just neglect their feet

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