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i will highly recommend our big spot higher power diode laser to you, you will like it

Our diode laser has 2 tips, it has super big treatment spot size 15*30mm, and a replaceable small tip 15*10mm. This is unique in market😎😎

😎The *big spot* is 15x30mm, it can be used for big area treatment, like back hair. With such big size, it is very effective and save a lot time in pass up and pass down

😎The *small spot* is 15x10mm, it can be used in small area, like lip hair or figure hair, can also help you to get a beautiful beard line or eyebrow shape

And we have superior cooling effect, can reach -20 degrees lowest. my client joking that ” there is a Russia inside your handle!”😁😁😁
cooling is very important for diode laser hair removal, if cooling is not good, client will feel pain in treatment, it will be very unpleasant