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Hi Guys, I thought it was about time I shared my bedtime “routine” with y’all… Nothing better than washing the day off and slipping into fresh sheets with a juicy face.. hahah Hope you enjoy, I had fun making this!

The Ordinary Buffet
The Ordinary 100% cold pressed Extra Virgin Marula oil
The Ordinary 7% Glycolic Acid
Microfibre Cloths (pk 8)
Pure Rose Cleansing Balm
Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, 100 ml with Cloth
Clarins Blue Lotus Face Treatment Oil Oily-Combination Skin 30ml
Curel Moisture Facial Milk

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  1. Julie Fizpatrick
    Julie Fizpatrick says:

    Hi Jules:). Love ur skin routine and the tip on when to put on the vitamin C:). Do you ever use Retinol? I’ve been using a cleanser and moisturizer by “Peach Slices” that Dr. Dray on YouTube recommended and it has got rid of tiny blackheads on my nose and chin and has helped reduce a Milia I had on the left side of my nose near where my glasses rest. Went to a dermatologist (my GP doctor recommended that was within network) who turned out to be an Esthetician and all she said was that it was hereditary and Dr. Dray said it was a build up of oils and I was using Argon oil which I stopped using on my face for a moisturizer. Anyway just trying to catch up on ur videos (my oldest son has been sick and I’ve been running errands and grocery shopping for him). He’s doing much better:) 👍😊🧡🎃

  2. Lois Lane
    Lois Lane says:

    Love your videos ! But you can use vitamin c in the day time but you have to use an SPF . Vitamin c is lactic acid which is a great antioxidant. It’s vitamin A that you should not use is the daytime , which is retinol there are many derivatives of vitamin A for instance retinal palmitate does absolutely nothing for the skin but companies will market their products even though they know it doesn’t work. You need vitamins A, B,C just do your homework on how they work and buying products will no longer overwhelm you because most do not work. Thanks so much for these videos I do watch others but we need women our age that are going through what we are and I have hooded eyes, I always did but now it’s become much more if a problem. Hope you have a great day! I’m watching you in Louisiana with no lights because hurricane Ida came through and destroyed everything so you are keeping my mind of of things 🥰!

  3. bxgal347
    bxgal347 says:

    Sorry for ur dad, hope he recovers soon doll.. missed u girl!! Wait smells like vinegar???😳🤢🤢🤢🤢 I hate vinegar! Only use it to unclog my sink lol tfs xoxo

  4. Priscilla French
    Priscilla French says:

    L’Oréal hyulronic acid serum has been a game changer for me as a serum ,ima product snob but I too can’t afford it anymore so I have found some fab budget friendly serums and creams 🙏🏻💕

    Lee VIBROUGE says:

    Hi Julie! As I told you on Instagram I’m so so happy you’ve not gone. Sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep him in my prayers. Oily skin is a result of having dry skin. You’re skin recognizes it’s too dry and over compensates by producing large amounts of oil. So using an oil in your skincare is beneficial bc when your skin is hydrated and moisturized it will in turn make your skin stop overproducing oil and will actually balance your oil production. The patches on your skin looks like melasma. It’s usually caused by sun exposure but can also come about due to pregnancy. UV rays stimulate your melanin and cause the darker pigmentation in your skin. You’re doing a good thing for it by using vitamin C but I would suggest you also begin using a retinol or even better would be a prescription Retin A/tretinoin which you get can get from your family doctor. Using the glycolic acid toner is also quite beneficial. I would also suggest a good moisturizer but because you have oily skin I would get a moisture gel or gel cream that is specifically for oily skin. I personally use belif aqua bomb. It’s a little on the pricier side but will last you ages as you only need the tiniest amount. It’s also a Korean brand. In my opinion Korean beauty beats out western skincare. If belif is just not in your budget The Ordinarys Natural Moisturizing factor is pretty good but is just for surface hydration and doesn’t do much for deeper level moisturizing. Also the brand Good Molecules which is extremely inexpensive has a product called Discoloration Correcting serum which is really quite good for fading melasma. When we refer to a double cleanse we usually mean first using an oil cleanser or a balm cleanser such as the one you used as your first cleanse. The second cleanse should always consist of a cream or liquid cleanse. For you that would mean a foaming or lightly foaming cleanser such as Inkey Lists salicylic acid cleanser which is targeted towards oily or combination skin. Good Molecules Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel is also a fantastic one. In fact if I could recommend an inexpensive outstanding skincare brand it would Good Molecules. Their cleansing balm is fantastic. Hope you don’t mind me recommending these items, I’m somewhat of a skincare junkie and after years of trial and error I’ve found great effective products at a great price point. If I were you though I would definitely get a tretinoin scrip and if not I would use a retinol and all three brands I’ve mentioned here carry retinols. If you have any questions please let me know. ❤️❤️

  6. Diggin Dawn
    Diggin Dawn says:

    Hahaha…Hey Jules, Great to see ya back and sharing some of your routines. Those microfiber makeup remover cloths are the bomb aren't they? I love mine. When I'm done with it I just rinse it out and hang it over the shower door and it's ready for the next time. Another little handy gadget I love is my dry brush cleaner. When you need to change eyeshadow colors, blush, or any dry colors you just gently rub it in a circular motion against the stiff sponge and voila, a clean brush ready for the next color! You just can't use it to clean liquid foundation brushes. You may already have one but if not I think you would like it. You can get it on amazon also. Your nightly routine is pretty close to mine except I use Revitalift 1.5 Hyaluronic Acid plumping serum, Double strength Retinol Night Repair Serum, and Beauty Guru eyelash enhancing serum. I just started trying out the egg white mask and will let you know how it goes! Love your nails…They are so cute! I do my nails or use press on's when I go out but I am usually outside working in my yard during the day so I would be defeating the purpose to try to keep them done because I'd just ruin them lol. Happy belated Birthday Girl….Hope you had a Fabulous Day!! Oh and thanks for the video…So glad to see you back…Cya later!

  7. Julie Fizpatrick
    Julie Fizpatrick says:

    Hi Jules:). I was just thinking about you
    this morning while making my coffee ☕️wondering how things were going! ESP;). Hope ur Dad is better🙏. Love your skin routine. So glad ur back and ur in the mood to do more👍😊💕💃🤗

  8. Tina Bekke
    Tina Bekke says:

    So so nice to see you back with a new video. Missed you 🤗 Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he will get better soon 🙏
    I luv your nails – really pretty. Clip ons or from a nailsalon? I agree with you – keep it real – be you 👏

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