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Hey Coco fam 💖 here’s a much requested video for our Bali Bronzing Foam lovers!

Self-tanners can be tricky sometimes… It takes a few applications to become a pro when you’re just starting out. If you’ve made a mistake or are looking for a fresh start on your next application, follow @Em Sheldon 3 step tutorial as she shows you how it’s done … like a pro!

✨Step-by-step guide✨
1️⃣ Rub baby oil on your body for 30-40 mins to break down DHA (gives you colour in self tanners) for an easier removal
2️⃣ Soak for 15 mins in a warm-hot bath with added baby oil & exfoliate after
3️⃣ Exfoliate in the shower (if you don’t have a bathtub skip to this step) to remove any leftover tan.

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Checklist on what you need👇🏼
🌴 Bali Buffing Sugar:
💖 Exfoliating Mitt:
👶 Baby Oil

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✨Tanning Goddess:
1x Bali Bronzing Foam 200ml
1x Deluxe Vegan Kabuki Brush
1x Hypoallergenic Soft Velvet Mitt
1x Deluxe Exfoliating Mitt
1x Limited Edition Self-Tan Bag

We would love to see your results! Let us know how did your Self Tan removal go in the comments below👇🏽 or mention us on instagram @cocoandeve!

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