How to Put on Pencil Eyeliner | Makeup Tutorials


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Wish you had a makeup artist at your beck and call? These makeup tutorials are the next best thing. In this video, makeup artist-to-the-stars Patricia Longo teaches you how to put on pencil eyeliner.

Hi I’m Patricia Longo and I’m a celebrity makeup artist. I’ve worked with models from Sports Illustrated like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson to Alec Baldwin at 30 Rock. All those things that experts do that the average person doesn’t know how to do we’ll learn how to do it on these videos. So I’m going to be talking about eyeliner today. And when I want a nice precise line I have to sharpen my pencil and make sure I get a nice point. Like that. Now if I’m working on a model I ask her to close her eyes and usually what I do is I lift a little bit of the eyebrow and I start right in the middle. Gives me an idea on how thick I want to get towards the end. And then I move in closer, but it’s giving me a nice thin line. And I try to stay on the liner so so close to the eyelashes. And that’s a direct, simple, precise thin liner. So I just showed you how to use an eyeliner if someone was putting it on you. Now the question is do you know how to put it on yourself. What I recommend is looking in the mirror , slightly putting your head back so you’re always looking into the mirror. I don’t like the pulling. Everybody does constant pulling around the eye. You don’t have to do that. That actually creates wrinkles. So I keep the eye closed and with my own hands, if I were her, I would start like I said in the middle and I’m delicately touching. And I just feel with my own senses, close to the eyelashes. Now bring it out and then I move into the corner of her eyes. And you can always use your finger to smudge it a little bit. Sometimes I take a sponge. Now if the liner doesn’t come out perfect cuz when you do it on yourself it’s not going to come out perfect, what I recommend is using a Q-tip that has a point and you lift your head back again. Now you can keep your eyes open. Just lift your back, lift your head. Now look in the mirror and what I do is I just clean it up with the Q-tip. And it’ll soften the line at the same time it’s smudging the line. And then the other side I just take off anything I don’t want. There you have a line on yourself.

40 replies
  1. Jowan Klein
    Jowan Klein says:

    I can smell fear of knowing it's getting posted. Good video tho. People shouldn't be soooo mean. If your not someone who gets it I'm sure u know someone who been there. Chill folks. Live, laugh, and love

  2. MarkDRStern
    MarkDRStern says:

    I always end up pulling, tugging and forcibly pressing down to leave a mark. I have tried several brands but all are too hard. If you are familiar with Graphite pencils, it is like using a hard #2 when what I need is a softer #4. You look like you are using a #6 super soft pencil! What am I doing wrong?

  3. LM3
    LM3 says:

    Really useful video! I liked that she reassured that when you apply the eyeliner yourself you'll make mistakes and then she showed how to fix those mistakes. People who are commenting that she messed up applying the eyeliner totally missed the point. She was showing how to recover from an imperfect line.

  4. Soapy Souppp
    Soapy Souppp says:

    Nobody is perfect but I found this tutorial useful and for got all the comments saying this video wasn’t useful and that if she does makeup for models she’s lying quit talking smack and actually try it

  5. Jost Von Roy
    Jost Von Roy says:

    I tried applying my eyeliner while closing my one eye it's difficult. You don't see how and where you applying the line. But then I guess it's ok if it's a mess you can just smudge it! 😂

  6. Rosie Festich
    Rosie Festich says:

    Dots of eyeliner pencil in between the lashes. Then wiggle the pencil into the lash line and play connect the dots.Find an angled, soft and kind of flat eyeshadow brush and set the eyeliner. Go over your eye pencil above your upper lashline and below your lower lash line with eyeshadow color of choice. I'm sorry but if you use the method she just demonstrated you will waste time and energy cleaning up this mess you just made!! SeriousSkin

  7. Brooklyn
    Brooklyn says:

    "When I put it on the model I kind of pull on her eyebrow." 15 seconds later "People always pull around their eyes, don't do that, it causes wrinkles."
    "When you put it on yourself you always want to keep your eyes on the mirror." 2 seconds later has model to shut her eyes "Close your eyes and kind of feel where to put it."

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