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Suzie creates a ‘Cameo’ inspired Nail Art Design. This is an elegant design that can be done in under 5 minutes!

0:26 Base Coat of Gel Polish #22 by Ugly Duckling
0:36 Using Swarovski Elements
0:41 Using Acrylic as glue for the Gems’
0:51 Liquid Monomer
1:23 Make Bead of Acrylic to pick up ‘Pearls or ‘Caviar’
1:42 Place and shape Bead of Pearls on Nail Bed
2:32 Place large Gem in middle of Bead
4:09 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

Products Used in this Video:

Gel Polish #22 by Ugly Duckling
Clear Acrylic Powder and Monomer by Ugly Duckling
Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements

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28 replies
  1. Susan McCormick
    Susan McCormick says:

    I missed this one for a year!? Wow what a nice video Susie! I’m called Susie also. Another hit video with me. Was strolling through u tube to find ideas for making my own fingernail jewels. Love this.

  2. Mizz.Kittie Daniels
    Mizz.Kittie Daniels says:

    Good day Beautiful from Canada 💐. I have been watching yoyr videos and decided to start doing my nails at home. What you create is stunning you also make it look so darn easy, I just cannot get my acrylics to stay on more than a week or 2, ive prepped sanded primed dehydrator stuff you name it. The purple monomer my light is Sun Pro 48W Sunuvled+660nm whitening. Tips from Sallys coffin shape,Cadrim drill oilbase and reg smally monomer Beauty Secrets acrylic powder everything Please advise maybe im doing to much prep?.
    Thanking you in advance. Miss.Kittie 💗 yes the pix is my cat lol .

  3. Viki Pazdur
    Viki Pazdur says:

    Suzie, does your fingers start having a burning sensation or stinging when you put then in the light to cure? Anyone can answer this question if you want to. 🙂

  4. Sheena Warecki
    Sheena Warecki says:

    Hey Suzie! I'm curious how you would describe the polish color? On my screen in your video it looks to me like a pink lilac but in some other videos and photos it's more of a straight purple. What's your take?

  5. Nida tracy
    Nida tracy says:

    So bought the kit to scared to use it. trying to get better first.
    blind lady in Idaho, yes blind in both eyes from a stroke, I have no peripheral vision. I can walk into the side of a barn but I can see the needle in a haystack as long as I have my glasses on thank you I think you're awesome and so do my grandkids granddaughters I should say I practice on them

  6. Nisel Prim
    Nisel Prim says:

    Oh hey, thank u for your very nice Videos, I just discovered you here on yt and I got a question. Im sorry if you already mentioned it some where, but: Can I use soak off led gels and/or polishes over acrylics? Or like in this video, acrylic over soak off Gels? and can i soak this all together off? I am trying to find the Best way for me to secure rhinestones and etc and I Asked myself if this would be possible? greeetings from germany and please keep on doing such educating videos! 🙂

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