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It can be very difficult for curly hair girls to find hairstyles that prevent their hair from looking droopy or wilted. I want to share with you 3 hair tutorials for natural curls that will help emphasize your naturally curly hair.

These three quick and easy curly hairstyles are:
1. Curly Hair Half-up Twist
2. Curly Hair High Ponytail
3. Curly Hair Low Side Bun

Here is a written step by step process of how to create 3 cute hairstyles for natural curls.

1st Curly Hairstyle: Curly Hair Half-up Twist
• Start on the side, take a small portion of hair, twist the curly hair inward and use two crisscrossed bobby pins to secure the hair in place.
• Continue to take small sections of hair from the side of your head, twisting them in and pinning them in the back.
• If you are losing some volume in your curly hair but have some heavy spots in your hair, take that heavy spot and pin it up a bit to add volume to the areas that need it.
• Trick on bobby pinning: Take a pin and right beneath where you already pinned your curly hair, flip the hair up and pin it above the existing pin so that your hair sticks out in a curly and cute way to add even more volume to your curly hair half up twist.

2nd Curly Hairstyle: Curly Hair High Ponytail
• Take your curly hair section by section and pull it up.
• Pull everything up in the back, leaving some strands of curly hair down on both sides.
• I like to put my curly hair high ponytail right on the crown of my head. Pull the ponytail through the hairband as many times as you need for it to be secure, and adjust the curls however you want to adjust them to make more of a messy curly hairstyle or a tighter curly hairstyle.

3rd Curly Hairstyle: Curly Hair Low Side Bun
• Start from the side, pulling and twisting the hair to the other side, securing your curly hair with an elastic band.
• Pin the bottom portion of the curly hair twist up to keep it off your neck.
• Now that I have my hair in a curly hair ponytail, I am going to spread it out and take the less desirable curls, twist them up and pin them. I keep doing this all over, leaving the cute curls and getting the annoying curls off my neck.
• The goal of this curly hair side twist is to end up with a soft messy bun look.
• The final look makes it appear that you spent a lot of time on your curly hair low side bun but you actually only spent 5 minutes on your curly hairstyles.
• If there is a hair that falls out, scoop it with a bobby pin, twist your curly hair and pin it up.

Thank you so much for watching! If this video was helpful to you please give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions or ideas, please leave them in the comments below.

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21 replies
  1. Holly Christensen
    Holly Christensen says:

    Love this video! How do you get so much volume at the top and crown area? Would love to see you do a video showing your whole routine from washing to drying and what your favorite products are. I can't afford high dollar products, so some in the low to medium range would be great. Thanks!

  2. Lilly Anglin
    Lilly Anglin says:

    Can I possibly ask a favor of Josie? If so, could she possibly ask Carlin if she could read her comments from last weeks video? I just was wondering where she got her white dress she wore when she had her family photos done. I know that both of y'all are busy moms, so just when you get a chance! Thanks!

  3. Christine Smith
    Christine Smith says:

    Love! Love! the pony tail with the curls around your face So beautiful! Your so fortunate to have such amazing curls. Do you do your own highlights? I would love to see how you color your hair. Your super pretty! 😊

  4. Kids Smith
    Kids Smith says:

    These styles are definitely cute 😊. I know you did a good eye/ bad eye for eyeshadow could one of you do something like that with eyeliner? Also like your hair color. Love you 💞💞

  5. Rachel W
    Rachel W says:

    Yay! I was hoping y’all would do a curly girl hair tutorial since I have curly hair! Your curls are beautiful Grace! Great styles! Gonna give them a try! I love watching y’all! ❤️

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