ultimate lipstick tutorials that are at another level!


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Explore lip makeup tutorials including how to apply lipstick, how to make lips look bigger and how to apply lip liner for pout perfection.

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42 replies
  1. Natacha Saholinirina
    Natacha Saholinirina says:

    Montrez quelques exemples avec des lรจvres fines car tout le monde n'a pas des lรจvres fines!!sinon tes lรจvres me fait pense ร  une amie qui vient de s'installer ร  Londres et a pu trouver un appartement lร  bas sur le site web bailti!!

  2. amu j
    amu j says:

    i like all of these tips and they look GREAT! but iโ€™m not really into this new trend of lining lips with a different shade ๐Ÿ˜… almost everyone seems to be doing that now

  3. Lily G
    Lily G says:

    Thankfully, I don't need lip fillers; genetics has blessed me, but even so.. I wouldn't want to replicate these looks because then you can't do anything but pucker and pose.. I mean really, how am I going to kiss and eat and drink without touching up every hour?

  4. Sumaira Khan
    Sumaira Khan says:

    Im totally happy with the way Allah created me Alhamdulillah. Shaitaan the devil is the one who makes these people feel that they re inadequate and they need to change their natural creation which then end up in a massive disaster.

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