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| P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D |

Dossier Floriental Vanilla (see link above)
Dossier Floriental Brown Sugar
Dossier Gourmand Orange Blossom
B&BW Sugar Scrub
Bondi Sands Liquid Gold oil
Bondi Sands Gradual Tanner
SunBum Sunscreen
21 Sun & Co Sunscreen

Paulas Choice Sunscreen
Supergoop GLow Screen
Cerave Hydration Sunscreen
Sunbum Cool Down
Charlotte Tulbury Unisex Glow
Eborian BB cream
Purilese BB Cream
UD Naked 1 and Done (not sold anymore!! so sorry)
Tower 28 Cream Blush
RMS Radiance Base
Colourpop Super Shock Shadows
Patrick Ta Cream Colored Liner
Essence Waterproof Mascara

| L E T ‘ S B E B F F ‘ S |



| P R I N Q U I R I E S |


| D I S C O U N T C O D E S |


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→ Lens |
→ Lighting: BH Photo
→ Chair:
→ Clothing Rack:

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13 replies
  1. mrsKassi5
    mrsKassi5 says:

    I need to try some of these!!! Could you by chance do a favorites of your “pregnancy safe” kind of favorites video?? So Hard to find rec’s for all things ok when it comes to
    Skincare, cosmetics, etc!! Just a thought!! 🙂💗

  2. Charity
    Charity says:

    What would you suggest for a foundation to wear to the pool if you need something to even skin tone… I have a lot of dark spots from either malasma or acne and cannot go without something but need it to be somewhat “waterproof” as impossible as that is….

  3. Michelle Morgan
    Michelle Morgan says:

    I’ve also tried Honest beauty beauty cc cream, it has vitamin c and spf 30 , it’s a little too glowy for everyday long work hours cuz it breaks up on me, I’m going to try putting a primer underneath, but it’s wonderful if you’re just out and about! Love the texture of it and the vitamin c actually works!

  4. Michelle Morgan
    Michelle Morgan says:

    Ooo I’ve used that Paulas choice sunscreen and I like it a lot! I have pretty oily skin in my tzone and it works well for that. I LOVE the Erborian bb cream! I’ve wanted to get more but it’s a tad expensive so will have to wait a bit and finish others first lol

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