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Permanent Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal 💲💲💲
It is multifunctional, high quality, affordable, and can be used for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne removal. One machine with three functions, low price, good effect, helping you save money.

Feature 1

1: quartz tube

Ordinary glass tube, it can only capture 5000 effective flashes at most. Quartz tube has a long life and is safer.

2: good effect

Characteristics of quartz tube clips:

1. Average power, will not cause power shortage in some areas.

2. High energy, hair regrowth can be effectively controlled.

Feature 2

There is a spectral filter at the position of the light output.

1: good effect

It can filter out invalid light, and ensure the skin is effectively illuminated.

2: high security

It filters harmful light to protect the skin from harmful light.

Feature 3

The area of ​​the square is 3.9 cm²

High efficiency, can be run quickly.

4 . feature

Bulbs are replaceable

Multifunctional design, you can change the HR, SR and AC bulbs to meet different needs.

HR lamp for hair removal

SR lamp for skin rejuvenation

AC lamp for acne

5 . feature

There are 5 levels, you can adjust the power freely.

Feature 6

Automatic skin test ensures safe use

High safety, protect eyes from light damage during wrong operation

How does IPL technology work?

Intense Pulsed Light, is the principle of preventing hair growth, IPL acts on the skin to generate heat energy, and the hair and melanin absorb it and move to the bottom of the hair, preventing hair growth.


1. First use a razor to shave the body hair.

2. Wipe the hair.

3. Connect the epilator to the power supply and turn on the machine.

4. Place the lamp head of the machine perpendicular to the skin and press the light button.

5. When the smooth head is fully attached to the skin, the READY light will flash, indicating that it can start.

6. After the hair removal is finished, turn off the machine and remove the power cord.

7. Wipe the body with a towel to keep it clean.

8. You can use the gel to reduce the effect on the skin.

9. Wipe the lens and wait for the next use.