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Hello everyone!

I was on my instagram @caroland14 stories complaining about my razor bumps on my mighty thighs lol and literally a few days later I get a message from Ketch Beauty about them wanting to send me and at home IPL Hair removal system aka an at home laser system and I immediately freaked out because I was literally wanting to go get laser hair removal but I was afraid to go to a salon due to the currently health state of our country and social distancing guidelines. I cannot believe I now get to experience hair removal at the convenience and safety of home. This will be the first video of many with Ketch Beauty where I will be showing you guys my at home hair removal journey and I am SO EXCITED!!!

Ketch Beauty also gave me an affiliate link that you can use to purchase your own system and get a 5 percent discount on the final price. (Click on link below):

Ketch Beauty Instagram:

For business inquiries:

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Love you guys!


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  1. Dan Anderson
    Dan Anderson says:

    My Dear Goddess Carolina. I Love Tour Live Streams My Beautiful Sister, God Bless You And Your Familia. Eres La MUJER MAS PRECIOSA DEL MUNDO Corazon Carolina. God Bless You. PS corazon trust me your legs are Absolutely Flawless and you are a Super trooper with it. God Bless You Mija You Know Your Man Can bv Help You With That. I Always Helped My Girlfriends Out Mija. God bless

  2. Evangeline Durand
    Evangeline Durand says:

    This my first time watching your YouTube channel! You are so gorgeous! As a trans woman it makes me feel really comfortable making this type of purchase knowing that the girls have tried it 🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’ve seen great results and reviews so far so I’m readyyy

  3. Davinia Robbins
    Davinia Robbins says:

    I been trying a IPL device for the last 3 weeks. Maybes it is too soon but I am not seeing any noticeable differences yet. And nothing on my face despite using it about 4 to 5 times a week. There should be a small reduction at the very least. All I have found is my beard growth has slowed one day but not completely stopped.

  4. Sparckman
    Sparckman says:

    o m g – Somos del mismo pais lol. ah debería haber sido mujer, se ve mas fun! anyway, too late pour moi

    maintenant je suis an ogre hahahaa – Saludos de le Canada!

  5. Brian Collinge
    Brian Collinge says:

    Caroland thank you so much for this video. I have been looking at laser hair removal but have been unsure about it. This will save so much money if it works for me. Thank you so much again

  6. Sarah His
    Sarah His says:

    Hi girl,

    Can you please do a YouTube video about waist training ?
    I love you and thank you for being such a good example for the trans community. Lots of love from France ❤️

  7. Aiya Blush
    Aiya Blush says:

    Caroland you are looking so Lovely. I know happiness to enjoy the personal moment getting it done professionally. Home treatment set backs galore. You Take Care Huggs And Kisses

  8. Rachel Colleene
    Rachel Colleene says:

    I asked ketch beauty about their results from trans women clients a few weeks ago. Interesting that they reached out to transwomen Content creators now! Anyway, I bought one and just did my 4th session tonight. Loving the results as the growth is definitely slowing even though I know it takes about 12 sessions total to be hairless.

  9. Wolfgang548
    Wolfgang548 says:

    Welcome back Carolina. You're looking gorgeous as always. I'm curious, does the instructions say anything if whether or not it's safe to use on facial hair? I hate shaving but I have no intentions to let my facial hair grow in. By the way, the video was flipped in reverse. I noticed from the clock on the wall.

  10. jumperTCOX
    jumperTCOX says:

    han pasado 84 años
    y en ingles mmmm deberias subir los videos en español ya que en tu cuenta de instagran lo haces todo en ingles lo digo porque tienes una gran comunidad de habla española y mas latinoamericana y no todos saben entender el ingles…

  11. Jamielynn Wallace
    Jamielynn Wallace says:

    I have a very similar Hair Removal IPL device, and it takes 15-20 "pulses" in the same exact spot to achieve significant hair reduction. It does get intense, but no more than the commercial IPL devices at the clinic. What takes a few seconds at the clinic will take a few minutes with this device.

  12. Melody Strong
    Melody Strong says:

    I have always loved your vids! As a trans gal myself, it's always good to see/hear others experiences. I am looking forward to the next vid, to see how this works. I am SO tired of shaving, even if it's only once a week or so. LOL!

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