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Best Makeup Transformations 2021 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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  1. Cristina .Filipe
    Cristina .Filipe says:

    No idea where this idea came from maybe 20 years ago with the Angelina Jolie huge ugly lips, but it's looks great on Angelina because her face is naturally that way but to see these small girls with smaller faces with these HUGE lips on top of it wearing red???Omg just ugly, no please this trend when will it stop? Just natural lips whatever size just do your red lipstick or purples or pink but in natural gorgeous lips, I'm so tired of huge ugly lips with small noses what an unnatural look and ugly, the proportions are off the hook ugly…same with overdrawn crazy eyebrows, I'll never stop my nineties make up, the matte finish the beautiful cute natural lips of course I love red and purple and pink lipsticks but like in a natural lip for ex like Halle berry lips a woman natural lip, these here remind me of clowns or like Bianca del rio, just ugly proportions, there I said it finally!!! forget that ugly kylie Jenner omg she ruined her face same with sisters only one looking great is kourtney as usual or Kendal all beautiful tiny feminine lips, guess what this is the opinion of guys I know not mine😄

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