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Got a plastic bottle lying around? Watch my video to learn how to make diy fake nails at home with a plastic bottle, no heat required!
BONUS CHALLENGE: Stay to the end to watch my attempt at the Nail Art with Real Flowers Challenge!!

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You’ll need:
-plastic bottle with round curved sides
-nail glue, I used this one
-utility knife

For the flower nail art challenge:
-base coat
-flowers and leaves from outside
-small scissors

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9 replies
  1. Nailed by Nikki
    Nailed by Nikki says:

    Hey. This weekend I'm posting a video for new channels to drop their channel links. You are so good at this and l love your videos! Make sure you add your link to that video when I post it

  2. Christine Wolanin
    Christine Wolanin says:

    Great idea! I do know that the flowers and all you used need to be completely dry. Maybe if you put a thin layer of gel instead of glue that might have worked better. I’m no nail tech but I do watch many videos and I was a cosmetologist years back and did nails but product has changed so much that it makes it so much easier. I Loved the idea of making your our nail, that was awesome. If you hold onto the plastic you can bend it and form it. I just saw that on another video. I really enjoy your creativity

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