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9 replies
  1. MeeLizjah Torraé
    MeeLizjah Torraé says:

    We suffer from the same thing girl. Mine have gotten so much better from leaving them alone. Quit cutting it off with your clippers please your making the skin thick. ONLY use pumice stone to buff it down & use a natrual lightening agent. Let your feet soak in Vitamin E oil overnight

  2. Kathy1
    Kathy1 says:

    Girl, I had the same problem for years. Used the corn pads, all kinds of acids which made it worse. Just gentle rub the corn with a pumice stone, or that purple foot block/file after soaking feet, moisture and leave it alone to allow the colour to come back to normal and heal, make sure you wear proper fitting shoes so it doesn’t rub/cause friction ( this was my main problem as I have one foot bigger than the other) . In the mean time dab a bit on foundation on it if you feel self conscious/ wanna wear sandals. Also get specialist foot creams to keep the area moisturised etc. Now my feet are back to normal you would never know I had big corns on my toes. Good luck this worked for both me and my friend ☺️

  3. B
    B says:

    I came across a Dr. on Facebook, just search Fix your feel, she's a black woman, I'm going to see how much she charges for corn removal surgery, I've been dealing with this for years and I'm sick of it lol

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