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This video is about How to Pedicure Extremely Calloused Feet and Toes ASMR
In today’s video you will see the most difficult feet I have ever worked on. A retired woman from Florida has seen a podiatrist but says they did nothing for her and that is why she decided to make the trip to Michigan. She has to wear big shoes that are way too big to help her feet not hurt so bad. Satisfying tub sounds, listen to some ASMR. Sit back, watch and listen how to give a pedicure to someone with extremely calloused feet!

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Thank you for watching my video about How to Pedicure Extremely Calloused Feet and Toes ASMR


36 replies
  1. Natalie Schlesinger
    Natalie Schlesinger says:

    Check this person out, Podología Integraland ,see how it SHOULD be done! I am so done watching you your half assed treatment, always self promotion and now ASMR! REALLY what wont you do for a buck. Dont think your qualified to teach squat because you cant

  2. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    I had to soak my feet after looking at this woman feet. She hasn't cleaned these feet in a long time. Ican understand her not being able to reach her foot but she can at least put them in a pan of water every now and then.

  3. Red
    Red says:

    Wowzer‼️‼️‼️ . . . ✨Your a Meticulous Miracle✨

    What was kind of brush was that you used on the bottom of the foot when applying callous remover?
    And what was the scraper you used called??

  4. sandra hedqvist
    sandra hedqvist says:

    Your work is so high standing that it speaks for it self and brings pedicures -especially such a challenging case as this one to a level that ASMR and the quasi “subliminal “ohhh yesss !” And client repeating « I don’t know what’s the matter with me » are superfluous & not necessary. ASMR adds nothing to your talent and the outstanding quality of every service you give & present ! The opinion of a very loyal fan from Switzerland. This client must have gone home on the wings of Angels 😇

  5. Patricia Hall
    Patricia Hall says:

    What a remarkable job you have done for this Lady , I hope she continues to look after her feet they are so important to us ….Thank you for a great video enjoying your channel very much .

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