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Hey guys! Today’s design is inspired by Jopping by SuperM! Sorry I’m uploading it so late; I was in Mexico all of last week and meant to have this edited before I left but the timing just didn’t work out 🙈
However! I’m very happy to have this uploaded because despite all of the polarizing opinions I’ve seen about this group, as an SM stan you better believe that I’m here for them! It’s been such an experience to see all of these talented idols perform and promote together and I can’t wait to see all that they do in the future as well! 💕

#SuperM #Jopping #슈퍼엠

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If you’re going to repost my videos on any other social media sites please include some kind of direct credit to me (whether it be to my Youtube channel or my Instagram account) and please DO NOT add your own watermarks onto the video.

If you’re recreating this design for yourself I would also appreciate it if you credited me and tagged your designs with #looknyanails so that I can see them! ^^


Butter London – Priming Base Coat
CND – Vinylux Topcoat

OPI – My Vampire is Buff (Base)
Essie – Licorice
Sally Hansen – White On
Butter London – Starkers
Butter London – Mink Grey
Face Shop – Diablue
Sally Hansen – Miami Ice

Butter London – Starkers (Base)
China Glaze – Show ‘Em Who’s Blossom
Butter London – Starkers
Sally Hansen – Sweet Tea
Butter London – Mink Grey
Butter London – Mink Grey mixed with Sally Hansen – Slate-r Girl
Essie – Licorce

Essie – Licorice (Base)
Face Shop – Diablue
Sally Hansen – Miami Ice
Sally Hansen – White On

Sally Hansen – White On (Base)
Face Shop – Diablue
Sally Hansen – Miami Ice
Essie – Style Cartel
Essie – All Access Pass
Sally Hansen – O-Zone You Didn’t

Essie – Licorice (Base)
Sally Hansen – White On

The brush that I’m using is 00 Candy from Mitty Burns:

The peel-off-stuff/liquid latex that I’m using is Simply Peel from Bliss Kiss:


Karaoke Ver of Jopping by SuperM





17 replies
  1. notyouraveragenails
    notyouraveragenails says:

    Hey guys! I hope you like this tutorial! ♥
    Also I just wanted to check in and see if you guys are liking this slightly new format where all five of the nails are shown individually up close to the camera while I'm painting – I think it probably makes it easier for everyone to see the little details in the design but please let me know your thoughts!

  2. Bélynda Maniez
    Bélynda Maniez says:

    Do I have to say that it is GORGEOUS?! 😍❤❤
    My favorite designs are probably Taemin's silhouette, your ring finger and… Ok, all of them are my favourite 😂 But you're so good at it 😭🖤💙
    I love you Becca 🖤💙🖤💙

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