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Are you struggling to add more piecey texture to your short hair style? Hopefully, you will find this short tutorial immensely helpful. Thank you for watching!!

Swept Bangs and Smooth Back ~
My New Cut – Spiked Style ~
Help Styling Spiky Pixie Cut ~
How Long Does It Take To Style My Hair? ~
How My Stylist Highlights My Hair ~
How My Stylist Cuts My Spiky Pixie Cut ~

Lorac PRO Palette 4 Review & Demo ~
Summer Rose GRWM ~
My Arm Workout ~

*Catwalk Root Boost ~
*Acure Moroccan Argan Oil ~
*Enjoy Dry Wax ~
*Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray ~

Eyes: Urban Decay Born To Run Palette
Blush: Laura Geller Peach Berry
Lips: Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner “Hush Hush”; Flower Beauty Lipstick “Autumn Rose”

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40 replies
  1. Dora Floyd
    Dora Floyd says:

    Love you Honestly!! Just recently got pixie cut and I've had long hair all my life so you have been my go to on styling and products! I am loving my new hair and owe a big part of that to you and your videos! Thank you so much

  2. Helen Webb
    Helen Webb says:

    So Sharalee if I decide to exchange my enjoy dry wax for another jar because of the strong smell that I told you about should I just get the wax or the jar of clay?which would be better for my type of hair which is fine and thinner than your hair type????Thanks for your help with my new cut…..And be blessed

  3. Helen Webb
    Helen Webb says:

    Sharalee please give me some suggestions for products for giving me the piecey look for my new haircut ok and remember that I told you that I have fine and thinner hair than what u have Sharalee BUT I also have some curlyness and natural body to my hair…..

  4. Gayle Logsdon
    Gayle Logsdon says:

    Just learned a few more ways to get the piecey look and also just a squirt of hairspray. I’ve been using too much. Thanks for all your amazing ideas 😊. Your Sunday solo as always added a special touch to my day. 🌷

  5. Shilohlaine K9
    Shilohlaine K9 says:

    I went to a new hairdresser Friday and showed her your video. Told her this was the style I wanted. I also told her as long as I was getting a new style I would like to have a face like yours. Before we were done talking about it everyone in the salon agreed. One lady said she would like to have a personality like yours. We all agreed. Needless to say we all left the salon fans of yours. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your sweet spirit. God Bless you and keep those videos coming. You have a whole new fan club.

  6. Kim Hiatt
    Kim Hiatt says:

    I wear my hair similar to yours but I had my stylist cut the bangs longer and point cut more of it. I tried the Catwalk dry wax and it does nothing on my hair. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  7. Judy's Ink Pad
    Judy's Ink Pad says:

    Love your channel, your videos and you. You are so genuine and warm and seeing a new video from you, even if the topic doesn't apply to me, just brings a smile to my face. I do have a question for you – what do you think about your hair style for someone who has very fine/thinning hair on top and has a round face with a double chin?

  8. Rose Flowers
    Rose Flowers says:

    I really like your hair Sharalee and tried using your hairstyle, unfortunately, my hair is fine and it just didn't work for me no matter how much product I used or how my hairstylist cut my hair (I even let her see the video where you are getting your haircut). I just wanted to mention this in case someone else with very fine hair wanted to try your hairstyle.

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