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Hey guys!!!


Today I apply self tanner that is expired. This was my holy grail Product but the company decided to take it off the market. So I am stuck using my expired self tanner. Obviously I don’t recommend using expired self tanner. So please don’t try this at home. Or with any products because it is not safe or recommended for anything LOL. The self tanner got in my eyes so my eyes are currently pink lol 😆
What we do for beauty 🥸

This video was a complete fail with applying self tanner. The products I used are called jergens natural glow medium glow. Which you can get off of Amazon or Walmart !!!

The expired product that I use is called neostrata self tanner. This product you can not buy any more. But is literally the best self tanner I have ever used.

If you know of a good self tanner let me know down below

Guys this is my summer glow and routine that I do on a weekly basis to get a beautiful tan! Lol 😂

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