The Aftermath Of Using Expired Self Tanner… Errands VLOG! Kinda Boring! COVID Lockdown 🇨🇦


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Hey guys !!!

Today’s video we are going around doing a couple of boring errands. This is the aftermath of my expired self tanner. I literally thought I was going to have to walk around for like a week and half looking like a gone bad orange 🍊 hahah 🤦‍♀️
But for a gone bad self tanner I still managed to pull it off and it looked amazing after I washed it all off! it did sting my eyes for a bit so I wouldn’t suggest putting tanner on your eyes. Big fail !
I guess this video is like a vlog, I feel like it’s kind of boring. But I do a taste test on this weird pizza candy .. SO come Watch me be boring!!!!

If you guys wanted to watch my video of me applying the expired self tanner it will be a link down below

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