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Want a full face beat without foundation? Watch @Cassidy Maysonet create this fresh-faced flawless look using only Instant Age Rewind Concealer! Yes, ONLY concealer! Cassidy uses four different shades of instant age rewind concealer as foundation, concealer, highlighter and bronzer for this look. Have you tried doing a full face makeup look with just concealer? Share your tips in the comments! #makeupandstayin

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48 replies
  1. Kathrin Sautmann
    Kathrin Sautmann says:

    Wow! Thanks for that video! I’m 38 🙈 and just started with make up because before I just didn’t feel that I need it. 😅 And it looks so easy in your video. I have dry skin and bought powder what was totally wrong. 🤣🤣🤣 so new start! 😉

  2. Angelic
    Angelic says:

    150 is rlly light I use it for my daily concealer bc my skin is very light and all the there colors are a little dark for me but I love it so much it rlly covers up!

  3. jamba jackson
    jamba jackson says:

    Ur so prettty i love ur hoop earrings.and ur hair tucked behind ur ear. Do u ever tuck hair perfectly behind both ears for a style with a sleek middle part i do itca lot and love it with earings like urs to finish the look

  4. Karuna Agrawal
    Karuna Agrawal says:

    As you did in the video,the foundation part.. You applied it first on the full face… When i applied and went for blending.. The concealer dried up into patches and it was hard to blend then… It's not like i did not immediately blend that out, the same way you did i did… Can you plz tell me what may be the reason for that

  5. Tommy M
    Tommy M says:

    I have tried ever foundation cheap most expensive and it just doesn't look good on my skin. My overall skin texture is ok I have Light Skin Brunette hair Brown eyes now that I hit early 40s I have redness around nose dark circles slightly visible pores on my cheeks my most problem is a little milla and im starting to get beauty marks on my face they fade in color due to serums but they do look like tiny bumps on my temple and high cheek area. I think the issue with foundation is the different textures and formulas. I find concealer doesn't have that texture if that makes sense The Best Concealers as foundation that I have used are Mac Select Cover Up NC25 unfortunately they dicont. It. So I then ran across Revlon Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer , Light/Medium OMG its Gorg on the Skin. It covers like a dream The consistency is amazing. NOW THE PROBLEM I can't find it anywhere So it looks like another Discount. Product. So Im willing to give the Maybelline Age Rewind a Shot as a foundation. Hoping it will work for me . ill definitely do an update. Great Video !!

  6. Alyssa Love
    Alyssa Love says:

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  8. Ally Kat
    Ally Kat says:

    Let’s see a 55 year old demonstrate this. After all it is called “Age Rewind? What does this 23 y/o want to rewind to? 10?? Sure it looks gorgeous on her, other than some dark circles, her skin is perfect. I know this is the holy grail of drug store concealers but it looks totally cakey on me. I can’t get it spread anywhere near the amount she did. No matter how much I hydrate first, it stays stuck in one place. It makes my skin look crepey. I think I am done trying to wear concealers at my age. 😢

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