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Asian Makeup Tutorials Compilation | New Makeup 2021 | 美しいメイクアップ/ part 103
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48 replies
  1. 凝兰tina_
    凝兰tina_ says:

    Well…….I'm a Chinese and I promise in our country this is not the case with beauty videos in our country.These kind of video we all don't like them.Now I almost can't find this kind of videos when I see the beauty videos

  2. Schau Schau
    Schau Schau says:

    wash face > steam your black head prone zone with a hot towel > apply some egg whites to the area and cover with a paper towel > wait until it dries out > extract black heads by removing the paper towel from the bottom part up > wash with cold water to close pores > enjoy the extra money and buy yourself a beer, cheers.

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