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my tanning routine

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Australian glow
jergens mousse
sosu dripping gold on amazon-
on beauty bay-
Bali body
loving tan
isle of paradise
loreal spray
jergens lotion
isle of paradise drops



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  1. oq
    oq says:


  2. lorece94
    lorece94 says:

    My daughter looks great in St Tropez, but it looks green on me so I swear by Loving Tan. (P.S. No matter the brand, you can use a Mr Clean sponge on "mistakes".)

  3. Rachel Hannah
    Rachel Hannah says:

    Girl any advice about not smelly self tanners!!! They literally all smell awful and my bf hates the smell… every kind I’ve tried because of that one ingredient 😩😵

  4. Евген
    Евген says:

    Isabel Galvin,hello😉Which self tanner is the darkest one?i have the Dripping
    gold foam in ultra dark shade but it’s not dark enough for me🙃Now i’m thinking to buy an Australian glow self tan in ultra dark shade..

  5. Angeline Biswas
    Angeline Biswas says:

    You NEED to try tanceuticals mousse in dark it the lotion. It is SOOO GOOD! W have similar skin tones and like the super dark self tanners I know you would love it and it smells AMAAAZING!

  6. Brittany Myers
    Brittany Myers says:

    Dripping gold came out with a lotion and a new liquid luxe version their supposed to be darker than the mousse I have all 3 and think they are the same color but the new ones are more hydrating. I love the Australian glow. You need to try the coco and eve ultra dark its soo good. Have you heard of or tried b tan you can get it at walmart for $10 I have a bottle but haven't tried it yet.

  7. Lauren Howarth
    Lauren Howarth says:

    Love this i love trying new fake tans and seeing which is best. I have recently tested Tanologist on my YouTube channel and just bought australian glow. Hope it looks nice xx 💕

  8. Edward Lee California USA
    Edward Lee California USA says:

    Girl i love your thumbnail so so much and your editing is so beautiful and your vibes are amazing i hope you stayed safe and stayed strong Girl God bless you and your family as well 💞💞💞💞💓💓💓❣❣❣❤❤💕💕🥰😍🇺🇸

  9. Laura W
    Laura W says:

    Loved the video and your thoughts on everything! 😊
    I love loving tan but I agree it comes off/fades weird. I also have the bondi sands liquid gold, and tancueticals in ultra dark! The Bondi sands is like one that doesn’t have much of a color guard and you are supposed to apply it let it dry for like 5-10 mins, and than go about your day and it will develop and you don’t need to wash it off! When I first used it I loved it! I felt like I got super tan and it blended nice and smelt good! But than I didn’t wash it off and the next day I got rained off and it dripped off ALL OVER my clothes!! 😭 It said you didn’t have to wash it so I was so confused. So not happy about that. And after that now it’s patching off weird 🥴
    And tancueticals I tried a couple weeks ago and I liked! I’d give it like an 8/10. Color is pretty, it smells SOO GOOD, and blends super easily! Cons, it takes a while to dry for sure. I felt sticky for like 45 mins. And I think dressing after like 15 made it comes off on my legs and chest because I barely got tan in those areas. But my face, arms, hands, and stomach were perfect 😍 and even with washing my hands a ton, it took forever to fade and look weird! So next time I think I’d wait longer for it to dry before dressing and use 2 layers and I think it would be perfect 👌🏼😊 Just wanted to tell you Incase you were thinking of trying either!

  10. ally rose
    ally rose says:

    For the Jergens lotion the one you have is good, but they have one similar to the one you have in a smaller bottle and that one gets you wayyy tanner than the big one. It’s harder to find and it’s in a squeeze bottle but smaller.

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