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Oily and Acne Skin Care routine. Stop oily skin and say goodbye to acne.
Dr Rajani’s clear skin care routine. From diet to cleansing and skin care products.
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AnteAGE Cleanser

Ultra Moisture

AHA Advanced Firming

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask

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32 replies
  1. Parvati Sampath
    Parvati Sampath says:

    Clean.and.clear.foaming wash and astringent 2% salicylic acid great for sensitive skin like mine you can find it everywhere. And economical it also has.A.cream .I love it.from all the others I used 😀😀

  2. Mary Morgan
    Mary Morgan says:

    All thanks to dr masako who helped me get rid of my herpes virus completely with his herbs which he sent to me to take for just 14days and now am testifying of his great work, contact him now with faith to help you get cured from your problems

  3. kristi hunter
    kristi hunter says:

    Off topic, but just want to say you did a wonderful job on my friends lips the other day!! I'm just waiting patiently for the day I can hopefully come in for a consultation:) Your content is amazing. So grateful I found your channel! I love watching your videos!! Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information:)

  4. Gerrie H
    Gerrie H says:

    Dr Rajani.. I came to the Caribbean 1 year ago. I’m still here. I was born in the Caribbean but, moved to Canada from a young age. Since being here in the tropics my face has gotten burnt and lots of black patches have developed. It looks awful. The dermatologist here has given me a lightening cream made up by a pharmacist it hasn’t helped. What can I do? I’m in distress. She also said my skin is not use to the extreme heat.. I’ve tried sunscreens .. what can I do? Please help!! Can you please do this as your next topic… 😞😞😞😔😔

  5. Sunny
    Sunny says:

    Try to stop eating dairy 🥛 . That cured my acne! My skin cleared out completely.. Ppl ask me what did I do! 😉❤️✌🏽

  6. Sara L
    Sara L says:

    I have oily skin, so I drink a lot of water, eat lots of leafy greens, change my pillow cases every the other day, wash my face twice and i moisturize morning and evening. If I don’t, my skin produces more oil. I am going to invest in a humidifier.

  7. Phoebe Purvis
    Phoebe Purvis says:

    Hey Dr!! My skin can get oily if l drown my skin with too much moisturizer with shea butter within the ingredients or if l wear moisturizer and suntan lotion together. Personally id rather be oily than dry especially for an older person (46yrs young) like me id recommend trying different products and depending upon the season to see what works for you.
    l wash my face with water in the morning once l get to work then do a double cleanse in the evening and a relaxing face massage every evening.
    My skin care routine is very simple and works for me, am wash with water, vitamin C, suntan lotion. Pm double cleanse, face massage, retinol & ferulic serum, thick moisturizer and caster oil for my eyelashes and eyebrows. I'm not loyal to a particular brand l only look for ingredients that my skin loves.
    What were you and Mr Quinn up to this weekend?

  8. czitos666
    czitos666 says:

    Hi I have a question , not related to this video but i hope i can get answer . At this moment im using pure retinol serum 0,5% and use it everyday without any irritation. I want to move on till i get to prescription stuff. Same brand I use retinol from have same product but 2% retinol . I also can move on to retinaldehyde serum . Cant decide which will be better next . retinol 2% or retinaldehyde ?

  9. Amy Galvin
    Amy Galvin says:

    Have battled acne from teens to 50’s! I find a good 3 step ( gentle cleanser, BHA toner, benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) and avoiding scented irritating products help. However, when I had a bout of cystic acne I found accutane to be a game changer. Differin gel ( now over the counter) used a few times a week has been helpful as well.

  10. Ten in the City
    Ten in the City says:

    Thank you for the tips.

    I actually love a Dewey oily look on my skin . the other day I posted an Instagram video and this guy commented something rude he said'" why yo face so greasy?" I responded," fried chicken." 🤣💪🏽. I have also suffered with adult acne and after eight children someone suggested I try birth control and it has completely obliterated my acne. Ironically if I would've known birth control pills kick your acne I would've had maybe only one child because I would've been taking it since my 20s. Anyways love your channel

  11. Rex L
    Rex L says:

    I apply castor oil in the evening, it helps with spots, and saves a lot of money. Believe me, I tried many things and went to many doctors with this problem and castor oil turned out to be the acne killer. I'll be 40 in about 2 weeks and my skin is still very oily, zits appear from time to time. Now I just keep my skin clean and if it shines, well I got used to it, not gonna fight if I know I can't win

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