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Hey guys! I’ve mentioned the fact that I get laser hair removal before on my channel, and have got some questions about it so I thought I’d take you with me this time!

As usual I’ve included all my meals for the day too! Hope you enjoy 😊

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13 replies
  1. Jo Thomas
    Jo Thomas says:

    Hi Jess. I always look forward to your videos and am enjoying seeing other parts of your life too. I know you're not weighing yourself at the moment but when you begin again is it possible to give us an update on your progress since the start of your journey with your coach? I'd love to know how your weight loss is going. Thanks.

  2. Janice Gagnon
    Janice Gagnon says:

    I had laser years ago on my underarms and bikini line. I used numbing cream which made it bareable. It took about a year and a half to do all the treatments. I also did my lip and chin but hormones are a wonder as it has started to grow back a bit as I am getting older. The other spots never came back. Sometimes simple foods are just what we need to feed the soul.

  3. Gillian O meara
    Gillian O meara says:

    Hi Jess that sticky chicken looked amazin ☺…id love the laser done on me chin lol..since ive turned a certain mature age 🙈ive no hairs on me legs but has decided 2 grow on my face hw bloody annoying 🤪…take care 🥰🥰

  4. Harley Mac
    Harley Mac says:

    I've been looking forward to seeing the laser hair removal being done when you mentioned it some time ago.
    This was a really helpful video.
    Thanks Jess 😊 xx

  5. Pat Gannon
    Pat Gannon says:

    Enjoyed the video jess when you were havin the lazer done I thought mine were on fire I never had much under arm hair tg the chicken dish looked umm x

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