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hi aegis! ♡ this is… a new video. LMFAO. doing vlogs like these is very weird for me because i’m a bad vlogger lmfao. BUT. it’s so fun and i’m glad i tried tanning. i also wanted to talk about a lot of things for this video but maybe i’ll do it in another one instead. uwu. if you liked this video, make sure to leave a like and if you have a video suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comments down below! ♡

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i am not, nor do i claim to be, a professional makeup artist. i’m a makeup enthusiast and everything that i’ve learned is self-taught. ultimately, my techniques are probably different from most and my way of explaining isn’t the clearest. i’ll be working on that. thank you for understanding!

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17 replies
  1. peonytheflower
    peonytheflower says:

    i have a naturally "light medium skin" that most filipinos call as "maputi". i'm considered "fair skinned" na agad by people who knows me and i don't like it (because they fuss about it all the time, madalas rin akong sabihan na "maganda ka lang kasi maputi ka" and "lumaklak ka ba ng gluta?" but it's just my genes, it made me feel bad about myself). so while browsing your channel to watch some of ur vids, i stumbled upon this video. this is what i need, and i think it's a sign that i should purchase self-tanning products na. i should maybe at least try and see for myself if i'm going to love the experience. thank you for posting this huhu.

  2. smol peepee
    smol peepee says:

    omg i love how you're embracing the tanned goddess look 😭😭 like no shade but kojie san users could never 😳🤪 i've never understood why pale skin was preferred by most when tanned skin looks so healthy and glowing 🤡

  3. Maria Zhelpa Fesalbon
    Maria Zhelpa Fesalbon says:

    Just recently discovered your channel and aside from your on-point 💯 make-up skills I also noticed that your hair color is really good! May I know your hair color and how did you achieve that?

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