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Best Makeup Transformations 2020 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

Check Out These Amazing Makeup Artists

49 replies
  1. Joy Lucas
    Joy Lucas says:

    Mga ksama q s work mga bugnutin pro mga craulo. Sv q cge n balikan n nten ung pinguusapan nten panghilamos n un maganda b s skin un itry q. Wag n init ulo sken eh kwentuhan lang b nmn eh mgkkapikunan p tau. Ilang minutes q b ibababad s face q ung ipapaspray q s face q. Maganda b tlg un s skin ha., 😂😂natawa n tapos ngkamot ng ulo tpos sv putangina tlg kausap tong joy nto. Nd q Malaman kung aq b pr laseng n craulo kausap oh eto joy nto. Tpos tumalikod n😂😂😂

  2. Aeridith
    Aeridith says:

    I mean, I love wearing eyeshadow, but I wanted to wear an eyeshadow between both glam and natural. Something that is in between of not extravagant and not too plain, yet natural.

  3. don cameron
    don cameron says:

    I usually buy makeup and beauty products from Avon but I’m interested in buying other beauty products too and fashions too as well as having my hair styled too! I love ladies to beautify my hairstyles too, but my hair is too short right now to make it look pretty!💕😍❤️💄🌹

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