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17 Best Makeup Tutorials & GOALS 2021 | Compilation Plus

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39 replies
  1. Noor Mznxbcv
    Noor Mznxbcv says:

    انا حاسس انو مش عاجبهم 😒
    انا قاعدين نعلق عندهم..
    والله كيفنه مش يوتيوب امك هو 😂
    نفعلت زياده 😂😂😂 مين هان عربي ..؟!

  2. AC
    AC says:

    Thats NOT make-up. Thats a mask. I swear I'm not being mean but I have to ask. Do you feel so unattractive that you have to behind all that product on your face? Are you depressed when you wash it all off. You can't even blow your nose w/o wiping off at least 20% of your face! And of course no video would be complete with duck pouts or a tongue sticking out.

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