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In today’s video I am showing you guys some fun and easy updo hairstyles for short hair. I wanted these to be easy and simple updo hairstyles for my girls with short hair. These simple hairstyles for short hair are the perfect updo for wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles, and really any reason you want an updo! I hope you enjoy these easy hairstyles – let me know in the comments below which updo hairstyle is your favorite!!

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48 replies
  1. tehee.
    tehee. says:

    omg tysm pls keep making videos like these. i am starting to get really into hairstyles and stuff like that and to see how easy it is to do something that looks very fancy is amazing. again tysm and pls keep making more videos like u girl bye!!!

  2. Kate Myers
    Kate Myers says:

    Thank you for this tutorial!! It’s so easy to follow and my hair is the same length so it works great for me! You don’t find very many tuts for this length hair. Thank you so much!!

  3. Hannah Martin
    Hannah Martin says:

    Isnt it crazy what some good extensions can do for your self confidence, i only buy my hair extensions from zala and i can honestly say i havnt had a bad hair day ever since they came into my life

  4. Eva Campbell
    Eva Campbell says:

    seriously love how many tutoritals are on youtube! Im a big fan of ZALA Hair extensions, incredible quality for the price. My hair is pretty long, but thin. I just wanted to add a tiny bit of length but mostly fullness. These do the trick perfectly. I have a different style of extensions that were a lot more expensive and honestly are just never good enough. ZALA are consistent and im so over the moon! 🙌🙌

  5. Isabella Lee
    Isabella Lee says:

    But what color is your hair & what color are the extensions??? I personally will not shop anywhere else but ZALA, you could not pay me to, their quality is second to none

  6. Julie Santos
    Julie Santos says:

    Hi Kaley,you made really beautiful hairstyles.I really loved the second one and the last one the best since I have really thin ,sleek hair,I'm looking forward in trying the last swirled bun you did,just Gorgeous!🌹💋❤💎👸

  7. X SHIM
    X SHIM says:

    I have wedding party and my dad will be there and he didn’t know that i cut my hair so u save my life now I’ll style me hair like this he won’t even notice that’s it’s actually short lol I’m not ready for his lectures

  8. Maroom
    Maroom says:

    Well all hairstyles look good on you because your the prettiest thang I’ve laid my eyes on 😁🥰🥺❤️ pls notice meee

  9. Face Of Failure
    Face Of Failure says:

    Thanks for the ideas! I could see these being super easy once you get the basics of it down. Even for me with layered short hair I can get it to look decent on my first couple tries!

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